Unknown – DVD Review

After the giddy excitement of Taken in which Liam Neeson walked everywhere and killed everyone in pursuit of his kidnapped daughter, I was excited to see his latest outing as an action hero in Unknown. Sadly it was about as disappointing as Neeson’s brief appearance in The Next Three Days. The entire film can be summed up by the tweet below:

For an action film there really was a lot of chat. The image at the top of this review is Neeson confronting the man he thinks has taken over his life, had this been the Liam Neeson from Taken only one man in that image would still be alive. Tragic.

Unknown is an unthrilling thriller about scientist Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson) who, after a horrific car crash, finds his wife (January Jones) does not recognise him and is with another man claiming to be Dr. Martin Harris. With the help of the taxi driver (Diane Kruger) who got him into this mess, Neeson gets to the bottom of what is going on while rambling about genetically advanced corn.

Neeson does his best with the material to hand but ultimately there is little else to the film beyond the central mystery and its ultimate resolution. Along the way Diane Kruger is forcing an unconvincing accent, January Jones is only moderately better than in X-Men: First Class and Frank Langella pops up to add an air of conspiracy to proceedings, but none of them are able to prevent this film from being anything other than dull.

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The DVD for Unknown falls down in the extras front too, containing nothing more than three “featurettes” and interviews with the cast and crew. The three featurettes last around five minutes each and overlap frequently on the interview excerpts and movie clips they use.

Unknown is out on DVD and Blu-ray today. Taken has been out on DVD and Blu-ray for years and is much better, and cheaper. Be careful in HMV, the DVDs are easily confused:

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