Oi! 3D! Stop Touching Things!

With growing complaints about the weak 3D conversion of Clash of the Titans I’m getting worried about the number of films new and old about to undergo the treatment.

Alice underwent the conversion to 3D rather than being filmed in the format and reactions were underwhelming, personally I forwent the 3D to reduce cost and discomfort. Den of Geek has collected some reviews of Titan’s 3D and they are all bad and they went so far as to say that the 3D made the film worse as “the difference was negligible and the rest of the film just looked darker and foggier as a result of the tint in the glasses.”

With 3D bringing big bucks at the box office studios are keen to convert old 2D films to 3D to milk that cash cow for all it’s worth. MTV has a list of potential contenders including Titanic, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, all of which will somehow be made into “glorious” 3D. The problem is that unless you film in 3D the effect is going to be pretty limited, probably just making some objects appear in front of others.

Of course you can always protest by seeing these films in 2D instead, that is if they are available to you. Today Cineworld tweeted me to say, “We’ll try to offer a 2D alternative if the site’s big enough to accommodate showing 2 versions of the same film.” Despite this my local cinema is only offering the 3D Clash of the Titans when I watched Alice there in 2D just a few weeks ago.

Done properly 3D can be a real draw for audience but when you stick 3D on the end of every title and don’t do the job properly people are going to catch on and spend their money elsewhere.

Out Now – 31st March 2010

Although already having a weekend in the cinemas both Kick Ass and How To Train Your dragon actually come out today. Wednesday releases are odd enough without them both having a preview weekend mere days beforehand. I’m sure there is a big business reason for this, I just don’t know it.

More information here, obviously you should see Kick Ass if you haven’t already. That is if you don’t feel like you’ve already seen it thanks to the endless promotion.

Spotlight On – Clark Duke

Clark Duke fits the profile of a lot of my favourite underrated actors in that he has a pretty terrible filmography up to this point.

Prior to this year Duke’s silver screen appearances consisted of a small role in Superbad and a larger role in the simply pathetic Sex Drive. Neither films inspire great confidence in those involved. He has had the obligatory handful of guest roles in TV shows and is currently the best thing in US TV series Greek which follows the trivial lives of students at an American college. Duke also wrote and directed the web series Clark and Michael featuring fictional versions of Duke and his friend Micheal Cera.

This year Duke appears in Kick Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine, two comedy heavyweights that could launch Duke’s career. In Kick Ass he plays one of the leads friends with a comedic subtlety I really enjoyed and with Hot Tub we may well have a comedy masterpiece or a horrible mess; I am really confused about that at the moment.

Clark Duke hasn’t really had a chance to shine yet, and if he does he may fall flat, but I think he has good comedy skills so keep an eye out.

Cemetery Junction Clip

Yesterday Empire debuted an exclusive clip from the upcoming Cemetery Junction. Sadly the sound was not working on the clip, even though it was working fine on the advert. Priorities people!

Anyway I am looking forward to this film as it promises to have a good bit of Felicity Jones who is featured in the clip along with Christian Cooke. The clip is nothing special though it gives a good indication as to just how comedic the film is going to be, this scene being one of relationship talk.

Fingers crossed the video is embedded below complete with an advert courtesy of Empire and an introduction from the writer/directors Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. If it’s not working Empire have it here.


Cemetery Junction is released on 14th April 2010

Godzilla Returns!

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are to team up and produce a new film starring everyone’s favourite giant mutated reptile Godzilla. These two companies have together made The Hangover, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns and this week’s Clash of the Titans.

They have some pretty good credentials, particularly in big effects laden blockbusters so I am relatively intrigued. What we want is something more akin to Cloverfield than the Matthew Broderick version of Godzilla.

New Toy Story 3 Teasers

Toy Story 3 is going to be having screenings next month near lots of American Universities, oddly only showing the first 65 minutes in what they are calling Cliffhanger Edition screenings. Waiting two months for the film to come out so you can see the end seems a bit painful to me.

Why is this important to you? If you go the the sign up site here you can see three new teasers for the film. They’re a little different, one spoofing Saw, and a little amusing. To see all three keep refreshing the page.

Writer Apologises For Battlefield Earth

J. D. Shapiro has apologised for writing the notoriously bad Battlefield Earth after it won the Razzie award for Worst Movie of the Decade last month.

Shapiro explains that the reason for the script even being written was his quest for sex and the Church of Scientology whose founder wrote the novel Battlefield Earth is based on. Shapiro initially went to the Celebrity Centre of Scientology looking for eligible women to seduce and would up adapting a novel into a screenplay. Hollywood is weird.

Shapiro is a little bit proud of the film as “out of all the sucky movies, mine is the suckiest.”

When is Jeff Buhler going to apologise for The Midnight Meat Train?

Robin Hood to Open Cannes

Perhaps I don’t understand Cannes but I was surprised to read that Robin Hood would be opening Cannes Film Festival this year. Admittedly I was surprised when Up opened last year too.

Though neither are or were in competition my vision of Cannes does not allow for the inclusion of such mainstream films. However Southland Tales competing in 2006, and getting critically ripped to shreds, was an altogether more ridiculous choice.

Maybe I have a warped view of Cannes or even of Robin Hood as it could actually be good. Do I just think of Cannes as arty because it’s french or because it is known for its honest and vocal reaction to bad films?

Empire Awards: The Horror! The Horror!

Thought the awards season was over? Well yesterday Empire Magazine held their own awards ceremony and the results are mostly horrible.

Avatar won both best film and best director with Zoe Saldana picking up best actress. Another major mistake was Sherlock Holmes winning Best Thriller. Without getting into a debate about what constitutes a thriller I dispute Holmes being a better film than Inglourious Basterds.

On the plus side In The Loop finally won something as it acheived Best Comedy beating out a four more successful, but less brilliant films. Sadly Moon and District 9 were again overlooked in favour of the more flashy Star Trek, at least Cameron didn’t get this one. The full list of winners can be seen here.

What happened Empire? You used to be cool man!

It makes me wonder when the Mild Concern awards are.