Scott Pilgrim Trailer Highlights

This was a good bank holiday weekend for Scott Pilgrim fans as 6 new posters debuted at MCM Expo and a new trailer launched online after 100,000 people became fans of the official facebook page. If you haven’t seen the new trailer watch it below then click on in for my favourite bits from the two trailers. It’s getting image heavy in here!

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Iron Man 2 – Review

As it’s a bank holiday all you’re getting is a long overdue review of Iron Man 2. For the short version: It’s not as bad as I had expected after reading other reviews. For the longer version:

Don Cheadle is the New Terrance Howard
Neither Cheadle nor Howard gave particularly stand out performance as Rhodey and the transition of actors was covered in Cheadle’s first bit of dialogue; “Look, it’s me, I’m here. Deal with it. Let’s move on.” The recasting was neither a big improvement or a major failure, just slightly pointless.

Scarlett Johansson is Very Pretty
Another big name that doesn’t make too much of an impact beyond making Gwyneth Paltrow look positively dowdy in comparison.

Sam Rockwell is Awesome
Rockwell continues to show just how versatile he is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him give two similar performances and doubt I ever will… unless he plays the same character twice.

Robert Downey Jr. is Awesome, In a Different Way
Downey Jr. often seems to just be playing himself but in this way makes whatever character he’s playing seem incredibly real. There is something wonderfully naturalistic in the way he delivers dialogue.

It Was More Than a Set-Up for The Avengers
A lot of criticism portrays this film as building up for the big team up rather than being a film in it’s own right. While the Avengers are mentioned it is a minor point and I felt the film had a plot, of arguable quality, of its own.

The Film is Alright
No it isn’t as good as the first but this is the best cast of any super hero film so far and they didn’t cram in too many bad guys. The film was enjoyable and gave me what I expected, even if that was something a little unsatisfying.

Out Now – 28th May 2010

Films out on a Friday, whatever next?

The Losers
This years first big film about a team of middle aged men gone rogue. This is not The A-Team or The Expendables but it might as well be.

Oh my word something horrifying is happening so I will catch it on my camera along with everyone else!!

Sex and the City 2
As the cast gets ever older I want to know much less about all the sex they get up to in the city. All I know is a male character is in it despite the actor claiming he wasn’t, the tease!

Space Chimps 2
In the sequel to everyone’s favourite chimp-based space comedy the chimps encounter and abandoned spaceship and get horribly mauled by what they find on board. They later discover the ship is their own but from the future. This may not be entirely accurate.

Tooth Fairy
But Dwayne Johnson is huge, he can’t be a fairy! I have just summarised the point of this film. That said Mr Johnson does amuse me.

What Did We Miss?

Bad news: The only film news to report from Portugal is that Youth in Revolt is still in cinemas over there.

Good news: Nothing much seems to have happened while we were away, in fact only two stories caught my eye while I skimmed Empire after watching Lost.

First of all we have news that Dilbert may be heading for the big screen. Yes I enjoy the comics strips but the TV series was awful and the office based comedy had been done, and done well. Office Space has said all that needed to be said about working in an office and The Office filled in any gaps long ago. Heck you’ve even got Drones taking up any potential office based alien humour.

The other bit of interesting news was the fact that Alice in Wonderland has passed the $1 billion mark in very quiet fashion. Without all the pomp and hype of Avatar Alice has somehow been drawing in the big bucks. I like this simply because it is unexpected and the film did not mark itself out as a big hitter in the way the likes of Avatar do.

There plenty of other news, something about an actress I’ve never heard of being cast in Transformers 3, but you’ve got IMDb for that.

Forget Cannes

While every other movie site has been to Cannes, Mild Concern is doing something a bit different. We’re off to Portugal on a fact finding mission. We’ll sample the local films (pool), check out the cinema (water park) and absorb lots of culture (food) and history (drink). New post on Thursday, hope nothing too exciting happens in the mean time.

Out Now – 21st May 2010

Many films out today, let’s get right to it.

Prince of Persia

We reviewed this fun bit of distraction earlier in the week and reckon it’s worth a watch if you’re looking for an enjoyable film with pretty people in it that doesn’t make you want to buy the DVD.

Bad Lieutenant

I don’t know much about the plot but I’m guessing wildly that it involves a dirty cop. Nicholas Cage is supposed to be very good and so is the entire film. The fact that the posters actually look a bit different to the usual fare makes me want to see this film. I think I’m getting over my odd hatred of Cage. Thank you Kick Ass.

Cop Out

This was oh so nearly the “Flop of the Week”. Tracey Jordan and Bruce Willis in a buddy cop comedy directed by Kevin Smith that fails to push any boundaries or do anything new. The reviews were so bad Kevin Smith has banned critics from future press screenings of his work, if he does indeed have the power to do that.

A 3D British dance film featuring Diversity off the telly and a plot where ballet and street dancing comes together!?!?!? I think I’ll leave it there.

Heartless (limited release)
Described as an Urban Gothic and is about, “Jamie Morgan, a young man with a large heart-shaped birthmark on his face, discovers that there are demons on the streets of East London.” Could be interesting. If it’s at a cinema near me and I remember I may go and see this. Endorsement of the week, expect to see that on posters everywhere.

Pimp (limited release)
Ha! Danny Dyer is a tryer I’ll give him that, he never seems to give up on this acting lark. He plays a pimp (probably) who is a right tough guy and gets in fights and has sex (angrily) with women before/after calling them “slags”.

Shia Better Watch Out

Yesterday it was reported that Megan Fox had been booted from Transformers 3, and then she quickly rebutted with the fact that it was her decision to leave the franchise. Considering Fox’s ongoing insults fired at both Michael Bay and the franchise it’s hardly a surprise that she both wanted to leave and was no longer wanted on board. The crew members even wrote a letter defending Bay and slating Fox.

When a star goes as far as saying a director wants to be like Hitler it’s not too hard to believe that they have been fired, rather than given the opportunity to leave their contract. Regardless Fox is gone, though her character may well remain as the role of her boss was recently filled by Patrick Dempsey. Even so I’m sure they can easily just swap her character out for another with no real complaints from fans.

Shia Labeouf should start to be a bit more careful over what he says now too as he recently put down both Transformers 2 and Indy IV. Labeouf  said, “When I saw the second movie, I wasn’t impressed with what we did… There were some really wild stunts in it, but the heart was gone.” He probably saved himself though when he claimed to have real faith in the third installment as it has a great script.

Be careful Shia and Megan, people aren’t going to want you in their movies if your going to be all honest about them afterwards.

There He Is!

Remember last month when I was wondering where Cameron Crowe had gotten to and discovered he was planning two music based films? Well it seems he is moving forward with a film but it is neither of the two I mentioned.

Instead Crowe is set to re-write and direct We Built a Zoo, a true story of a family restoring an old zoo in the English countryside. Also the mother of the family is dying. Awesome.

This does not really appeal to me and I’m not convinced this is the career opportunity Crowe needs to regain his position as a respected filmmaker. We’ll find out in December 2011, just before the apocalypse.