Out Now – 29th December 2010

Because nothing dare come out on New Year’s Eve, for fear of being snubbed by the drunk and painfully hungover, this week’s only wide release comes out today while everyone is relatively sober.

Love and Other Drugs
She is the ultimate free spirit who can’t be tied down, he is the successful salesman who ultimately does. For the most part this seems like a standard romantic comedy we’ve seen hundreds of times but a few things make it stand out. The first is the the two leads who are arguably better actors than the usual romantic comedy staples, and the second is the fact that they have lots of sex and get very naked. Something the film’s promotion relies on heavily. It’s enough to make Ella Enchanted blush.

Out Yesterday – 26th December 2010

This may be a day late but the sheer mass of turkey in my stomach completely incapacitated me yesterday.

Gulliver’s Travels
Jack black and a handful of British comedians bring you a very small part of the story of Gulliver, the part where he’s in a land of tiny people, because that is ripe for comedy. It actually looks like it might be quite fun, the bucks fizz has got to me.

The Way Back (limited release)
“A fact-based story centered on soldiers who escaped from a Siberian gulag in 1940.” Looks like it would be as much an ordeal for the audience as it was for the soldiers.

Merry Christmas Nerds!

Merry Christmas from the legions of us here at Mild Concern.

I hope you’ve all unwrapped a brand new DVD and are settling down with the family for a festive classic.

Don’t forget to watch Doctor Who at 6pm, we loved it.

Now enjoy the below.


Out Now – 24th December 2010

I don’t have time for this, it’s Christmas Eve! Oh alright then, here’s something copied and pasted from the internet. Now go and watch the films I listed yesterday.

Arthur and the Great Adventure
When young Arthur (Highmore) receives a distress call from the Minimoys, the tiny invisible people who live in his back yard, he must embark on another adventure.

15 Christmas Films You Must Watch This Weekend

As this is a movie blog we are obligated to list our favourite Christmas films so I’ve rooted out my carefully crafted DVD collection that will be with me every Christmas. You may notice that this list does not include many favourites and has a few non-Christmas films. There is no real order to the list, sorry.

A modern classic! Heart-warming and funny in the right measures. The cherry on top is a combination of Zooey Deschanel and Peter Dinklage.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Chevy Chase back in his prime with a hit and miss comedy about family getting together for Christmas. The cat in the box always gets me.

Die Hard
hey, it is set at Christmas. “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.” Anyone?

Our first Bill Murray performance on the list and a warped take on A Christmas Carol. At times irritating, with plenty of laughs this film ends with a monologue to warm the cockles of your heart. Do hearts have cockles?

The Santa Clause
Surely Tim Allen’s best work? Lovely seasonal tale that helps make sense of Santa. I have not seen the sequels so lets pretend they don’t exist.

Black Christmas
The original Canadian version isn’t great but brought us the original “the call is coming from inside the house.” The remake is even worse but has some sexy ladies, a Trachtenberg and Winstead to be precise.

The Snowman
The shortest of the list but a Christmas essential. With a sad, sad ending.

Home Alone
One I haven’t seen for years but I’m sure the comedy still stands up today, right?

Funny, moving and adorable creature feature. The love interest’s story of her dad in the chimney will always bring about an inappropriate Christmas chuckle.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Some of the finest Christmas songs come from this and Michael Caine’s best performance.

Cool Runnings
Not set at Christmas but the abundance of snow and family friendly laughs make this a must for a lazy afternoon at Christmas.

Groundhog Day
Again it’s not Christmas exactly but it’s so damned Christmassy! It’s all about learning to not be selfish and to love one another. Also hilarious.

The Grinch
A controversial choice, either hailed as genius or rubbish. hard to believe that little girl is now Taylor Momsen, a 17 year old who dresses like an oversexed tramp.

Edward Scissorhands
Do I need to justify this? It is undeniably Tim Burton and undeniably filled with the Christmas spirit.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Perfect for either Halloween or Christmas though with a message of Christmas cheer and some great Christmas songs there’s no better time to watch.

Out Now – 22nd December 2010

Christmas is really messing with the film release dates and confusing me. Curse you Santa!

An almost horror about some youth in a room encouraging each other to do bad things. It’s some kind of interpretation of internet chatrooms. Starring the weird Aaron Johnson and not quite attractive Imogen Poots and Hannah Murray.

Meet The Parents: Little Fockers
The third film in this unfunny series. Groaning with famous faces… and Teri Polo.

Chalet Girl – Trailer

I’m almost tempted to post this without comment as it’s hardly an amazing looking film. The only reason we’re featuring it is the fact that it is Felicity Jones’ first lead role, and we support Miss Jones in all her pursuits.

Plus there’s a few familiar faces in there that make it worth a look.


Hey! It looks fun.

Billy Connolly Live in London 2010 – DVD Review

I’m afraid, and I’m sure you’ll be relieved, that this will be a brief review. me and Billy Connolly have a troubled past, I’ve always found him too shouty and sweary to be funny and know too much about his past thanks to his many trips to Parkinson.

But now sadly Parkinson is off the TV and I thought it time to give Billy another chance with his latest stand-up DVD. He has changed a bit, but not for the better.

Rather than the angry man he used to be Connolly came off as slightly whiny and had nothing new or ground-breaking to say in his routine. It was pretty standard stand-up that frankly got a little boring. And it’s not just me who thinks so.

After sense checking with a few other review it seems even Connolly fans have found this latest DVD a little lacklustre and not up to his usual standard.

If you want to watch someone laugh at their own stories for 80 minutes Billy Connolly Live in London 2010 is out now on DVD
and for some reason on Blu-ray.

Out Now – 17th December 2010

It’s almost Christmas, are we all excited? Well today we have some nice presents and a few bits of coal too.

Animals United
In which Germany make a CG film with the familiar plot about a group of animals doing something in Africa and then dub it in English. Do not see.

Imagine Showgirls with no nudity and more singing. Throw in Kristen Bell and Alan Cummin and it looks more promising. Then realise Cher is there too and run the other way.

Tron: Legacy
It looks pretty and is sure to please any fan of Tron but I’ve heard it’s pretty light on anything that would make a film emotionally engaging or interesting plot-wise.

Catfish (limited release)
And it really is very limited, but I hear it’s also on Sky Box Office. We saw this a while back and it really freaked us out. Enjoy!

Cuckoo (limited release)
A British thriller starring Richard E Grant that has bad reviews and that I’ve never heard of.

Fred: The Movie (limited release)
Horrible looking comedy that was made for TV in the US but has somehow made it onto the silver screen over here.

Loose Cannons (limited release)
Italian comedy about teo gay brothers trying to come out to their family. Moderate response from critics.