Out Now – 11th January 2013


Gangster Squad
The LAPD fight to keep gangsters out of LA in a film that Stephen described as “one of those fine films that fills you with absurd excitement; the kind of film that has you imitating the characters for the rest of your evening.” I think Emma Stone might be in it, I can’t be sure.

Les Misérables
Who really knows the plot of Les Mis? Oh, OK then. I certainly don’t. What I do know is that the musical used as the standard metric for a good show (the phrase “it was good but no Les Mis” has been said many a time) has been directed by Tom Hooper with all singing having been recorded in set rather than in a studio. Is it any good? Critics seem unsure.

What Richard Did (limited release)
“A stark portrait of the fall of Richard, the golden-boy of a privileged set of Dublin teens, whose world unravels one summer night.” If that doesn’t appeal the BBFC say the film “contains strong language, once very strong, and strong sex.” You know what that means? They say the C word. Edgy.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (limited release)
Documentary about 85-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono. One film that removed any debate about what food to get before you go to the cinema. But what song should you listen to as you eat the sushi. Let me think…

May I Kill U? (limited release)
A policeman on a bicycle decides to start brutally murdering criminals in this dark British comedy starring the young boy from Muppet Treasure Island. Fun as it may sound the reviews are terrible.

Underground (limited re-release)
Re-release of 1929 British film about two men who fall for the same woman on the same day at the same station on the London Underground. I fall in love on the Underground at least two times a day. Where’s my film!?

American Mary (limited release)
A young medical student gets embroiled in the world of underground surgery as she struggles to pay for tuition fees. Rape and gore galore!

Midnight Son (limited release)
A young man with extremely sensitive skin develops a need to drink human blood. I smell a vampire! Seriously. Send help.

The Lookout (limited release)
Not the 2007 Joseph Gordon-Levitt film but a European (I can’t be more specific) drama about “a detective hunts for the marksman who foiled the plan to catch a notorious team of bank robbers.” It has such a limited release only the Cine Lumiere in London is showing it. South Kensington is the nearest tube station. You’re welcome.

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