Shame – Trailer

Shame, the most notorious Oscar bait about, has a new trailer out and this one is “red band”. A red band trailer is one which can only be shown to restricted audiences, meaning violence, swearing or nudity is present. What makes this trailer special is that it is incredibly effective just from having two people share looks on a train. In fact they could have just left it at that, no need for any restricted content at all to convey the tone and subject matter of the film.

To save your blushes I have recreated the best part of the trailer below for you to watch ad infinitum, you can even play the music beneath the images to add in the sound of the subway. Enjoy.


If this Tate-worthy recreation isn’t quite enough for you, the full trailer is embedded below. Quite why you need to watch it after all the effort I went to is beyond me.

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