Take Shelter’s Biggest Fake Fans

Earlier this week Movie Mavericks noticed that the positive comments on their Mirror, Mirror trailer post had all come from the same source and were duplicated across the internet. Could social media marketing have reached the depths of posting fake comments? We can’t really tell, but whatever is going on it seems that Take Shelter is getting in on the act if a look at five of our followers is anything to go by.

Last month when I was pushing our review of Take Shelter on Twitter we picked up a few followers and some appreciative tweets, a rarity in itself.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/TyBodenhamer/status/128902682520981504″%5D

Out of curiosity I had a look at these new followers and they seemed an odd bunch but that’s to be expected. On closer inspection they were all tweeting in an odd way, most repeating a similar tweet about the weather and what to have for dinner, the rest made up of random retweets and identical messages to people about Take Shelter. Could this be a coincidence? There’s nothing too suspicious about a group of passionate movie fans. But then it turned out that they were lying to us.

Above you can see “Angela Derosa” planning to see the film on two different days while seemingly having already seen the film and enjoyed Jessica Chastain’s performance. “Scott Miller” told us he liked the film while telling others he couldn’t wait to see it, how two-faced. A look at each profile showed that they were all using the same Twitter client, “Simple Personal Client” which is supposedly found at http://johndbrown1980.blogspot.com/ which doesn’t actually exist.

So here we have at least five Twitter accounts dedicated to following and tweeting at people who have seen Take Shelter. Presumably this is to amplify any buzz for a decent film that could do with an extra push but it is a little underhand and doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny.

So who did it? Like Movie Maverick are wondering about their Mirror, Mirror comments I can’t tell if this is an avid fan or an ill-judged marketing move. Still, if you fancy a few more followers why not tweet about Take Shelter and maybe @omg_its_pat, @TyBodenhamer, @SocialMiller5, @BillyB92842 or @ChatShareCom might start following you.

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