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We did it! For the most part we managed to stay awake through all the first four Harry Potter films at the BFI IMAX Harry Potter All-Nighter.

The night was a whirlwind of emotions thanks to varying film quality and intense sleep deprivation. It’s great to see the films back to back and really appreciate how much so many aspects of the films improve over time. The IMAX screen made the films that bit more epic and immense and the free coffee in the intervals became a vital lifeline.

We took plenty of increasingly confused notes and will be fully quantifying the seven films next Monday along with a full review of the experience. What we can say in the meantime is that it was a great night and we’re looking forward to finishing off the franchise so far on Saturday night.

Tickets are still available for the first four films on Friday and slightly less available for the remaining three on Saturday. If nothing else, it’s the cheapest hotel you’ll find in London.

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