Kandahar Break – Review

It’s all coming up reviews this week isn’t it? Well this is what happens when we’re actually allowed to watch films!

Today we have another British film, this time filmed in Pakistan… or at least it was until they were attacked by the Taliban and had to be evacuated. As this is a smaller film I’ll break a cardinal rule of Mild Concern and explain the plot a little. Shaun Dooley (him from Married Single Other) plays a mine clearance engineer working for the Taliban government. Naturally thing go all wrong and Dooley goes on the run across the heavily armed desert. Throw in some forbidden love and death (forbidden death?) and you have the UK’s answer to The Hurt Locker.

At first the love story aspect was a little unconvincing but it improved as the film progressed, however quite why the romance started, considering the risks involved, is never really justified. Otherwise the film is quite good. Get that on a poster quick.

Obviously when held up against most cinematic releases Kandahar Break is going to fall short, but when looked at as a low budget British feature from a first time director with a cast of mostly first-timers it looks a lot more impressive. It is nicely shot and for the most part well acted, even when the script could perhaps be a bit stronger. Actions do speak louder than words however and there are some pretty brutal moments including some torture and a good old fashioned stoning.

It’s a shame this is being released as a movie as I couldn’t help but think this would sit better as an ITV Drama Premier, and would certainly find more viewers that way.

If you do fancy supporting a British film with something a bit different to the usual grime and gangsters, or want to see Dean Andrews from Ashes to Ashes without a mustache, then it is on very limited release this Friday, and on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday.

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