The Runaways – Review

Best to get this out of the way before we all start getting excited about the comic adaptation The Runaways. Rather than a story of teens running away from their evil parents this is a story about teens forming a band in the 70’s, and it’s almost a true story.

The Runaways isn’t so much a film about the band The Runaways as it is about Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, both played brilliantly by Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. They didn’t even bother buying the life rights to the other band members and you’d be forbidden for not noticing that Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat is in the band.

Moving on… is the film any good?

Yes. the film is wonderfully nostalgic for a time I never knew. The music is good and it all rolls along in a fun way. If nothing else it serves as further evidence that outside of Twilight Kristen Stewart is actually quite good.

No. The film feels long while the journey of the band feels rushed. This makes no sense. It also completely fails to get very far under the surface of the characters and you don’t particularly like or relate to anyone.

Well… I used the word good a lot. This is probably in the top three films released this Friday and so long as you don’t find seeing an underage Dakota Fanning singing on stage in her undies then you’ll enjoy it.

The Runaways is out this Friday.

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