Out Now – 27th July 2012

The Lorax
Dr. Seuss has written many a great book but so often these works are used for evil by film studios. This is a prime example. The Lorax is an animated film with a heavy-handed anti-corporation green message at the same time as having almost 70 corporate and nonprofit sponsors (including an SUV). If your concerns are more with film quality than hypocrisy then let me just tell you that the film’s leads are wholesome singers Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Ugh.

Searching for Sugar Man (limited release)
An unknown album from an unknown artist became a huge success in South Africa in 1970. In this documentary two South Africans try to uncover who this artist Rodriguez was and what happened to him. According to Wizface on IMDB the film “unfolds a story that cannot be believed by any party. Not the South Africans, nor the filmmakers, or any member of the Rodriquez family.”

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress (limited release)
Poorly reviewed documentary about a restaurant I’ve never heard of. We really are feeling the effects of film distributors afraid to release anything decent while The Dark Knight Rises is still stomping around the cinema.

Woman in a Dressing Gown (limited release)
1957 British drama about a woman (in a dressing gown) dealing with her husband’s infidelity. I love the tagline from the original poster, “Why not a movie about illicit love? It’s real, it happens… and it’s a great picture.” The same argument could be made for a film about rainbows…

Red Desert (limited release)
1964 Italian drama “about a woman struggling to hide her mental illness from her husband while trying to survive in the modern world of cultural neurosis and existential doubt.” If you want to see someone struggling with cultural neuroses and existential doubt I recommend 3eanuts.

The Man Inside (limited release)
British drama that is being released for the first time. A thriller about a young man who channels his aggression into boxing as he tries to distance himself from his father’s gangster past. Gangsters AND boxing, is it Christmas?