Out Now – 7th October 2011

Johnny English Reborn
I have a soft spot for the original Johnny English film and am a little excited about this sequel. The plot is pretty irrelevant, Rowan Atkinson will be pulling funny faces and hopefully that’s enough for you.

The Lion King
One of Disney’s best is back on the big screen and in 3D. Unnecessary? Perhaps. All I know is that my sister still isn’t happy about an extra song being added on the DVD and doubt she’ll appreciate feeling sick while watching a childhood favourite.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Slightly above average for a modern horror, Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce ignore their daughter as she is terrorised by tiny creatures who want to eat her teeth. Plenty of genuine scares certainly gave me the willies.

Perfect Sense
Ewan McGregor and Eva Green play a couple falling in love as the world around them falls apart due to the global population losing its sensory perception. Luckily McGregor can use the force, so he’ll be okay at least.

Midnight in Paris
He cannot be stopped! Woody Allen is back with yet another romantic comedy, this time set in France and starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. Oddly for a modern-day Allen film, this is actually getting some good reviews. Phew.

Tyrannosaur (limited release)
No dinosaurs in sight, just a well acted gritty bit of drama that I absolutely loved. Olivia Colman is a revelation and should never be called Olivia Coleman, it just isn’t her name.

Four Days Inside Guantanamo (limited release)
Fancy seeing an under-age prisoner interrogated for four days? Hard to stomach yet sadly completely non-fiction. Not a great date movie.

When China Met Africa (limited release)
This week’s second BBC documentary explores China’s growing investment in Africa and what this means for the rest of the world. Personally I think we should all start learning Chinese now so we can properly greet them as our new overlords.