Out Now – 20th May 2011

Considering that it is officially summer blockbuster season we’re not exactly overwhelmed with big movies. The next few weeks coming up all have one big release, and rarely on a Friday. It must be because they realise that opening on a day with no other film gets them a dedicated Mild Concern post. Manipulators!

A police officer that looks a lot like Jason Statham hunts down a serial killer targeting the police. The Bill never looked so good.

Win Win
An older man forms an unlikely friendship with a teenager and they both learn a lot from one another. How on earth did this get into Sundance?

Vidal Sassoon: The Movie
A documentary about a “rockstar” hairdresser. Can he beat a £9 cut at Mr Topper?

Third Star (limited release)
Benedict Cumberbatch (yay) is one of four close friends on a trip to Wales. “Touching and comical”? I would like to see this please.

Julia’s Eyes (limited release)
Everyone that brought us the awesome The Orphanage bring us the story of a woman going blind as she investigates her twin’s death.

Age of Heroes (limited release)
Sean Bean and Danny Dyer as soldiers? Say no more.

Fire in Babylon (limited release)
Another cricket documentary! Looking back I have made the same joke two times. And so: I don’t like cricket… period.

Planeat (limited release)
Food, glorious food. Three men “search for a diet which is good for our health, the environment and the future of our planet”. No mention of the need for it to be tasty.