Uncle Kent – LFF Review

Kent (Kent Osborne) has just turned forty but has yet to grow up. When a visit from a women he met on Chatroulette leads to an awkward evening of sexual exploration, Kent’s easygoing nature is put to the test. That’s as close to a synopsis as I can get with Joe Swanberg’s mumblecore film.

Without any grand plot, Uncle Kent is all about believable characters struggling with real, possibly mundane, issues. Anyone familiar with this low budget, low concept, style of filmmaking will find Kent to be another success for Swanberg and possibly even a progression from his earlier films. For a casual audience the lack of sheen and casual nudity will take some getting used to.

Worth a watch, just make sure you know what type of film you’re going to see. That’s all there is to say, I enjoyed it but am cautious to recommend.

Uncle Kent screens at the London Film Festival today and tickets are still available.

55th BFI London Film Festival

For the next week or so this post will be our hub for coverage of the 55th BFI London Film Festival. Any films we’ve seen have a thumbnail below linking to their review and the video player below will update itself to show the latest video from the BFI about the festival.

We’re trying to break the 20 film barrier this year, though it may well kill us.

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