Footloose Trailer Arrives, Heart Sinks

Footloose is one of my all time favourite films. The synopsis is so ridiculous as to be sublime and Bacon was never better. When the stage musical began I went along and quite enjoyed myself so news of a film musical wasn’t completely unwelcome. Then they lost Zac Efron as lead… and then Thomas Dekker too and it all started to feel a bit desperate.

Now we have this poster:

And this trailer:


But it all just leaves me cold. The film needs a bit more:

And a little more:

At least they kept the original logo and we don’t have any more:

But seriously, a musical afraid to show any singing in its trailer and a film that thinks it can best Kevin Bacon angry dancing in a barn has a lot to prove on opening night.

Kaboom – Review

It took a while for me to settle into Kaboom with it’s “quirky” dialogue and overly boosted colours but I gradually settled into what seemed like a slightly above average sex comedy. Then it all got a bit weird and a global cult and a witch were introduced, the colours got brighter and the dialogue got quirkier.

According to the rest of the audience Kaboom is hilarious, not only the one liners got a laugh but sometimes just a scene change warranted a chuckle for no good reason. One man in front of me even did the full rocking back and forth and clapping routine twice. I think they were all plants because Kaboom is nowhere near as funny as all that.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the Thomas Dekker, Juno Temple, Haley Bennett or Roxane Mesquida naked then you’re in luck… otherwise I wouldn’t bother. It seems Mysterious Skin was a one-off bit of brilliance from Gregg Araki.

There’s a chance Kaboom was brilliantly stylised and I just didn’t get it, but more likely it’s a terrible film. Luckily there is no UK release date just yet.