2014 Oscar Nominations Not-Remotely-Live Blog

Oscar Nominations

I wasn’t quite organised enough to have a liveblog up and running when the Oscar nominations were announced this lunchtime but I made myself a post so I’m damn well going to put something in it. I will forgo listing all the nominations as they can be found everywhere else on the internet. The important facts are these…

  • Gravity and American Hustle lead the pack with ten nominations each, closely followed by 12 Years a Slave with nine. Nebraska has a pleasing six nominations and Her continues to taunt me with five nominations and a UK release that has yet to arrive.
  • Judi Dench and Meryl Streep are competing for the Best Actress award, a title that Dench has never won and one that Streep has taken twice and been nominated for fourteen(!!!) times.
  • The only nomination for Saving Mr. Banks is for its music and this upsets me greatly.
  • Blue is the Warmest Colour has completely failed to be nominated for Best Foreign Film and that is a tragedy as it clearly is the best foreign film and if you ask me the best film overall. So there.
  • Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa has been nominated for an Oscar. Take that in. It’s for Best Makeup and Hairstyling but still, it just feels wrong. Weirdly American Hustle is not nominated in this category despite the hair being the best bit.
  • David O Russell and American Hustle continue to rhyme and sound incredibly satisfying.
  • Jonah Hill has received his second Oscar nomination. Who would have thought he’d ever be an Oscar contender considering his former career in broad comedies? Ditto for Matthew McConaughey who has moved so far away from his Romantic Comedy background he is barely recognisable.
  • Best Live Action Short is not normally a category I can comment on but somehow I have seen nominee The Voorman Problem twice and it is worthy of the win. The short stars Martin Freeman as a psychiatrist called to a prison to deal with an inmate who is convinced that he is God (Tom Hollander). It is short, clever, funny, and has famous people in it.
  • There are really only three nominees for Best Film. For the past three years I have seen the winner of the top prize at the previous year’s London Film Festival therefore this year’s winner must come from the films I saw back in October. The real list of nominees is as follows:

12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club

The Wolf of Wall Street

Let’s meet back here on 2nd/3rd March to discuss the winners.

The Movies @ The Invisible Dot

The Movies - The Invisible Dot

The Invisible Dot came onto my comedy radar earlier this year with their series of comedy nights at the Union Chapel in North London. I spent two Saturday nights laughing until it hurt in a church as I watched my favourite comedic Adams (Riches and Buxton obviously) and discovered new comedy gems like The Pyjama Men. It was then with great excitement that I accepted an invite from The Invisible Dot to attend their new “film-based cabaret” night The Movies last week.

I knew nothing of what to expect beyond “a mixture of short film, TV off-cuts, amateur footage, live performances, and head/beard-scratching discussion.” I had no idea what a treat lay in store for me.

The night was hosted by Will Andrews (a familiar face to fans of Anna & Katy or The Gates) who introduced out-takes and a scene from his unreleased film (formerly) known as Caravan along with sketches made for a show the BBC paid for but never wanted to screen. We were also treated to a short film made in a day (the day in question being the day they screened it for us) which featured a highly competitive egg and spoon race held at Kings Cross and Mild Concern favourites Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley even turned up to talk about their debut film Black Pond.

The evening was rounded off with two short films; the BAFTA winning The Voorman Problem starring Martin Freeman as a psychiatrist called to a prison to deal with an inmate who is convinced that he is God (Rev‘s Tom Hollander), and Tub which really has to be seen to be believed.

The headline act came in the middle of the evening but I have tried to rectify this by recalling the evening in a fashion that can only be called confused and far from chronological. Sitting at the back of the audience with a camera on his face and another on the table in from of him Simon Munnery presented a portion of his acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe show Fylm-Makker. This was a first for me as it was stand-up with the comic sitting down and only seen by the audience via a screen onstage. With the help of cardboard cutouts and the table in front of him Munnery presented a unique and hilarious mixture of stand-up and sketch comedy that had the whole room, housing an intimate crowd of little more than 100, laughing in that embarrassing way only the best comedians can bring out of you.

The whole night was a strange journey that filled me with the kind of joy that can never be expressed in words properly. Suffice it to say that the next time Will Andrews and The Invisible Dot host another evening in this strand I will be booking my tickets (a mere £8) as soon as they announce the date. It was a night that any fan of film and comedy can’t help but enjoy. In the meantime be a dear and peruse their site for other events you might like to attend.

To finish I submit for your consideration the short film Tub, though please be warned it involves scenes of a man inadvertently impregnating a bath…