Out Now – 12th August 2011

After the excitement of the past two days we are left with no films on general release out today. Well… there is one Bollywood film but we tend to ignore those. Genuinely no idea why.

The Taqwacores (limited release)
A Pakistani student is introduced to the world of Taqwacores, the Muslim punk rock scene (obviously), and starts to question his faith and ideologies. Reviews aren’t great but it’s only 83 minutes long and according to someone on IMDb, lead actor Bobby Naderi is “soooo sweet and very talented”.

The Salt of Life (limited release)
Italian comedy with no helpful English websites. Here’s a Google translation of the plot from the Italian Wikipedia page; “The film, set in Rome , is John, a retiree in his sixties, married with a daughter and daughter’s boyfriend charged, disappointed by life and driven by his lawyer Alfonso, looking for new loving motivations.” That mostly makes sense.

Project Nim (limited release)
Released just after Rise of the Planet of the Apes to maximise profits from people making a deliberate stand against big blockbusters and confused people who like to order tickets just by pointing at the film poster, this is the week’s second film about a chimpanzee. This time round it’s a documentary about a chimp raised like a human baby in the 1970’s. Who doesn’t love a baby chimp?

The Interrupters (limited release)
Documentary looking at “a year in the life of a city grappling with urban violence.” How very topical.

Beautiful Lies (limited release)
Director reunites with Audrey Tautou to make a film with a plot rendered inconsequential because Audrey Tautou is in it and is amazing.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (limited release)
Dubbed a crossed between The Departed and The Godfather, this film has a plot hard to summarise in a few pithy sentences. Watch the trailer below instead and come up with your own brief synopsis. 10 points for every awkward pun.

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