Out Now – 21st June 2013

Before World War Z

A Haunted House
For some reason some of the team behind the early Scary Movie films have decided to start a new horror movie parody franchise. For any Scary Movie purists this is like the original band getting back together and going on tour.

World War Z
A flaw ridden and troubled film about a global zombie epidemic and the one Brad Pitt who can save us all. Stephen would like you to be kind of excited for this film. Give it a go, just for him.

Spike Island
Because the cinema wants nothing more these days than to make me feel ignorant about The Stone Roses we have a drama set in the nineties about an indie band travelling the see The Stone Roses in Spike Island.

Dwayne “No Longer The Rock” Johnson plays father-with-an-unassuming-name John Matthews who is forced to go undercover for the DEA when his son is set up in a drug deal. I’m pretty sure it is standard practise to hire the parents of criminals to investigate crime. Completely normal. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Before Midnight (limited release)
Fancy almost two hours of pure chatty romance? Has the sun risen on Before Sunrise? Has the sun set on Before Sunset? You’re in luck as Hawke and Delphy are back to be slightly pretentious all over again.

The Seasoning House (limited release)
The house in the title refers to a place where young girls are prostituted to the military. Lovely. An orphaned deaf-mute cares for the girls and scuttles around in the walls before presumably killing everyone in the classic “you rape me and I will literally kill you” revenge thriller tradition.

Like Someone in Love (limited release)
“In Tokyo, a young prostitute develops an unexpected connection with a widower over a period of two days.” Ah good, it’s about time we had another unlikely friendship film. It’s been a while.

I Am Breathing (limited release)
Documentary covering the last few months of the life of Neil Platt, a young father suffering from motor neurone disease.

Black Rock (limited release)
A girly weekend away turns into a horrific fight for survival because that’s just what happens when women are left alone together for too long. Am I right guys? You know I’m right.

Shun Li and the Poet (limited release)
“A study of the friendship between a Chinese woman and a fisherman who came to Italy from Yugoslavia many years ago, who live in a small city-island in the Veneto lagoon.”