Out Now – 14th December 2012

The Hobbit and the Secret of the Wings

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
More of the same from Middle Earth as a collection of battle scene are linked by long conversations and some walking. Now available in 3D and 48 frames per second – for better or worse. I saw it and was almost positive.

TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings
In a week where most films are sheltering from The Hobbit‘s might a straight to DVD Disney animation has tripped and fallen into cinemas. “Tinker Bell meets Periwinkle and ventures into the winter woods with her and Tinker Bell’s other friends to find the secret of fairy wings.”

Code Name: Geronimo (London release)
Bin Laden vs. Navy Seals.

Baraka (limited re-release)
“A collection of expertly photographed scenes of human life and religion.” Shrug.

Smashed (limited release)
A couple (the wonderful Aaron Paul and Mary “Ramona Flowers” Winstead”) have their boozy relationship put to the test when the wife decides to give up drinking. My wife would never ruin things by going sober. My wife is red wine. I love her so.

False Trail (limited release)
I’m at a bit of a loss with this Swedish film starring Rolf Lassgård as Erik Bäckström in a sequel to Jägarna. IMDb plot keywords include: Moose | Hunter | Beer | Suicide | Weapon

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (limited re-release)
Classic film about a former child star gone mouldy. My main experience of this film ha been through French and Saunders.

Chasing Ice (limited release)
“Follow National Geographic photographer James Balog across the Arctic as he deploys time-lapse cameras designed for one purpose: to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.” I sense this film has a message and that this message is not to do with the correct deployment of time-lapse cameras.

Babette’s Feast (limited re-release)
Erm… erm… have a look for yourself.

Neil Young Journeys (limited release)
“Neil Young returns to his birth Canadian province of Ontario to revisit his old haunts and to perform in Toronto’s vintage Massey Hall.” Fingers crossed it features a climactic final battle in the Chaos Theatre as he fights for Ramona’s love.

Dead Europe (limited release)
An Australian travels to Greece to scatter his Father’s ashes and uncovers some terrible things in his family’s past. All synopses and reviews make sideways references to sex so expect some of that too.

Love Crime (limited release)
Kristin Scott Thomas continues to busy herself in French cinema, this time as an executive who exploits and then competes with her assistant. Not quite sure where a love crime enters the mix.

UFO (limited release)
All I am getting from IMDb is that this is a British film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Pierce Brosnan’s son with the tagline “Try to remain calm”. No thanks.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Film Review

The Hobbit

As Frodo and Bilbo Baggins prepare for a party Bilbo reminisces about an adventure from his past. Sixty years previously Bilbo was reluctantly recruited by the wizard Gandalf to join a troupe of dwarves on a journey to reclaim their kingdom from the fearsome dragon Smaug. The hobbit and dwarves set off for their destination after some partying (and two songs), encounter trolls, orcs, elves, and goblins along the way and after 169 minutes have yet to even arrive.

That’s right. In a film adaptation of a book subtitled There and Back Again this first film of three compiling to make The Hobbit doesn’t manage to complete the “There” let alone the “and Back Again“. It’s a debate I continue to have with myself as to whether films in a trilogy should be able to stand on their own as three single films rather than having to coexist to remain coherent. An Unexpected Journey is very much a set-up followed by some set pieces rather than a film in its own right. As the credits rolled on what had been an enjoyable film (more of that shortly) I couldn’t help but feel slightly cheated that I would have to wait another 12 months before I got to even see them arrive at their destination.

All that aside An Unexpected Journey is an enjoyable film. It looks gorgeous and is filled with plenty of laughs, epic landscapes, and more fights than you can shake an oversized wizard’s staff at. What An Unexpected Journey is not is in any way unexpected. There are no surprises. The whole event felt incredibly familiar as it maintained the style and tone of The Lord of the Rings. Watching a hobbit set off on an epic quest surrounded by a gang of strangers who do a lot of walking occasionally interrupted by fights along the way and flashbacks to large battles starts to feel like deja vu on an unprecedented scale. An Unexpected Journey is more Delia Smith than Heston Blumenthal; you get what you expect and enjoy it but at no point is your breath taken away.

The cast are all perfectly functional and highly recognisable. Anyone who has sufficient years of UK TV watching behind them will spend the 2.82 hours trying to place the familiar faces behind dwarf prosthetics. Ian McKellen remains fantastic as Gandalf and Martin Freeman reprises his reluctant traveller persona from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Luckily Freeman perfectly fits the character of Bilbo so there was no need for him to get wildly experimental and I couldn’t imagine a more hobbity performance.

Now how about the 3D and the 48 frames per second I hear you nerds ask? As a bit of a 3D-phobic let it be taken as a huge compliment when I describe the 3D as unobtrusive. It added little to the action sequences and at times made any background CGI a little flat but it didn’t make any images double up or blur. In static shots where my eyes had a chance to absorb all the dimensions/frames/pixels/whatever the image was so perfectly realised that it looked genuinely real. A shot of Bilbo sitting at his desk writing was so well captured that I felt I could have walked up and knocked over his ink well. Whether you want such realism in a fantasy film is another debate – one I will slyly run away from at this point. The film looked great and my only complaint would be that wearing glasses over my glasses can get tiresome as a film enters its third hour.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is going to be a real thrill for any fan of Lord of the Rings simply because it so closely resembles its predecessors. On the same note however anyone who would rather never set foot in Middle Earth again is not going to find themselves changing their mind with this outing of more of the same. An Unexpected Journey is a lot of fun and stands out as a rare fantasy epic in a year where superheroes trying to stick to gritty realism have dominated. I look forward to the next two sequels both because I liked this outing but also because it didn’t contain enough of a story to suffice.

P.S. Gollum has never looked better.

The Best is Yet to Come: 2012

As much as we are obliged to look back over the year just gone, we are obliged to look ahead at the year just beginning. It’s always exciting to look at the next twelve months and all the exciting treats that are coming to our screens. Below are my personal picks of the films worth seeing in 2012, and I’m hoping there will be many more besides, a few gems I haven’t even heard of yet. Continue reading