Out Now – 6th August 2013

About Time

About Time
The only film that tempts me this week is a romantic comedy from Richard Curtis. Yes, sometimes I like romantic comedies! It helps that it is the product of Richard Curtis, involves time travel, and has a lead character called Tim. I’m easily pleased. HeKniSciFi may well rear its head too.

As someone who has not seen any of the previous two films in this series I don’t have much interest in the continuing adventures of Vin Diesel in space. Interestingly though it looks like the bald hero helped finance the film out of his own pocket and didn’t even use Kickstarter. How refreshing.

Any Day Now
Garret Dillahunt and Alan Cumming star as a gay couple trying to adopt a mentally handicapped teenager in the 1970s. I imagine things do not go smoothly for them.

Drama about the life on a young woman who becomes involved in porn. Rated 18 for sexual content it is going to take a lot of convincing for me to believe you are seeing this film for its artistic merit.

No One Lives
“A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross-country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.” I feel like whoever wrote that synopsis did so without truly having a passion for the film. I think we can all agree that ruthless killers are the worst kind and that we are all looking forward to the shocking plot twist.

Museum Hours
A change of pace now as we have an Austrian drama set around an unlikely relationship that forms between a museum guard and a Canadian tourist. Expect your heart to be warmed.

The Great Beauty
“The story of an aging writer who bitterly recollects his passionate, lost youth. A portrait of today’s Rome.” I will warn you now, this film is well over two hours long.

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
Casey Affleck (always brilliant) stars as an outlaw who escapes prison to be with his wife (Rooney Mara). If the film is half as gorgeous as its gorgeously gorgeous poster then it should be pretty gorgeous.

Two chef brothers fall out and tear the family recipe book in half. Each opens a restaurant but one can only make great starters and the other great mains. Let’s hope they reconnect and make a fantastic menu together and don’t make a meal out of it. MAKE A MEAL! HA!

The Stuart Hall Project
This is a documentary about/with the cultural theorist Stuart Hall, born in Jamaica in 1932, and not the British presenter who was recently disgraced thanks to unpleasant acts in his past.

More Than Honey
Documentary about honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Australia. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this one. HEARD A LOT OF BUZZ! HA! Seriously though, it is supposed to be properly good.

Korean drama about a loan shark who “is forced to reconsider his violent lifestyle after the arrival of a mysterious woman claiming to be his long-lost mother.”

The Great Hip Hop Hoax
Documentary about a pair of Scottish rapper who fooled the industry into thinking they were a Californian hip-hop duo.

Less obnoxious than it might seem. Actually a “based on a true story” drama about a boy who stabs another after getting manipulated on online chat rooms.