Out Now – 27th August 2010

Run Michael Cera, run! If the release of Avatar ruins Scott Pilgrim‘s box office I might cry. For more on the whole prancing Michael Cera phenomenon go to here.

Avatar (Special Edition)
So who felt that Avatar ran a bit too short and wants to see an extra nine minutes? Really? Well apparently if you wait for the new extended DVD then you’ll get sixteen minutes of extra footage! What a scam. Then you can always get the 3D DVD when it rolls along. So that’s two cinema releases and three DVD releases for just the first in a trilogy.

The Girl Who Played with Fire
A computer hacker and journalist investigate a sex trafficking ring. I’ve seen people on the underground every day reading books from this trilogy, it must be good. If only I’d seen the first!

Dog Pound (limited release)
Three young thugs arrive in a correctional facility and some presumably gritty stuff unfolds. I imagine I’d spend the whole film feeling mildly threatened.

The Last Seven (limited release)
This could maybe possibly be good. Seven people wake up in an abandoned London and find they are the last people alive. Or are they…? Well you’ll never find out as it’s only out in one cinema in London.

The Maid (limited release)
A South American dramedy about a maid trying to scare off newer younger maids in order to maintain her position in the household of the Valdes family.

Wah Do Dem (limited release)
A badly received low budget american indie film about some hipster getting lost in Jamaica.

Please, please do not go and see Avatar.

The Girl Who Played With Fire – Trailer

Two things occurred to me while watching the trailer for The Girl Who Played with Fire. First of all I’m amazed that they are sticking to the stereotype of not featuring any dialogue in the trailer for a foreign film, surely the sequel to a well known foreign film with a much talked about American remake shouldn’t worry about people being afraid of subtitles?

Second of all it makes me really wish I’d seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so that I could drag along some poor fool, or “friend”, to see this with me when it comes out on Friday.

Full disclosure: You may notice that this and some of the trailers we feature in future have little “Sponsored by…” tags. This just means that you watching the trailers helps keep Mild Concern going. We’ll try not to sell out too much though.