Out Now – 26th November 2010

So many films out today that this post is late. It has nothing to do with red wine and a lie in.

The American
At the Mild Concern London Film Festival Awards 2010 it won most forgettable film. We reviewed it here. What more do you want!? All right, it’s about a former assassin who is in hiding and making a gun to order. Also there’s a prostitute.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
I know so little about this series but they keep coming. I’ll probably be lame and just see the American version when it comes out. Stuff happens that is dark and violent… I think.

London Boulevard
I keep meaning to watch the trailer for this but somehow I can bring myself to care enough to do so. Farrell and Knightley star in a film about gangsters and a movie star.

Hey that hilarious trailer is now a film and in the cinemas! Nudity, guns and funnies! It’s like a Mexican Black Dynamite… is that racist?

An Ordinary Execution
The Guardian’s film of the week, “A pungently atmospheric chamber piece about the nature and history of Russian political power.” Crikey.

Leap Year (limited release)
Not the horrible Amy Adams comedy but a drama about someone that wants to commit suicide. I hope someone gets confused at HMV and has the most depressing girly night in ever.

The Scar Crow (limited release)
“The 3 Tanner sisters live in fear after their mother is hanged for witchcraft, in her absence their father takes advantage of his daughters leaving the family somewhere between life and death cursed for an eternity.” Take the kids!

Waiting for Superman (limited release)
Oscar nomination short-listed documentary following four youngsters in the American school system. I bet it doesn’t come out well.