Out Now – 19th August 2010

Another day, another film. But this isn’t any just another film!!! No it’s just another film about a team of mercenaries.

The Expendables
If it hadn’t completed blotted out Scott Pilgrim‘s release I’d be pretty indifferent to this particular release. It’s yet another big blockbuster filled with more explosions and one liners, and in this case oddly muscular old men, nothing special but probably a bit of fun to watch. But Stallone and pals (and Julia Roberts) made my future film of the year look like a flop, so I really don’t see why anyone in the UK should go and see it. Take that Stallone!

Ah what’s the use, even Mild Concern was promoting this behemoth!

America Has No Taste

Let’s have a look at the weekend’s box office chart from the US.

1 The Expendables $35,030,000
2 Eat Pray Love $23,700,000
3 The Other Guys $18,000,000
4 Inception $11,370,000
5 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World $10,525,000

Really America? We let you have the film first and you repay us by going to see The Expendables and Eat Pray Love!?

I am consoling myself with the knowledge that the phrase “From the director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz” holds a lot more weight over here and that it will no doubt have an awesome DVD that will sell well. Besides, there won’t be a sequel anyway. My only concern is that if films like Scott Pilgrim, Kick Ass and Watchmen don’t do well in cinemas then we’re just going to have more and more mainstream comic book films and less originality.

I shake my fist at you America.

Free Paintball Passes From The Expendables!

Forget The A-Team, put aside The Losers, what you want is a film about mercenaries will a cast of action stars. Stallone, Statham, Li, Rourke, Schwartzenegger, Willis and… Charisma Carpenter all have one thing in common; The Expendables. They have guns and everything!

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