London Korean Film Festival 2017

Last night saw the launch of this year’s London Korean Film Festival with (one of) Hong Sangsoo’s latest; The Day After. As we often see with Director Hong the film focussed on the foibles of a man with a skewed sense of romance and starred his frequent collaborators Kwon Haehyo and Kim Minhee. All the staples of a Director Hong drama were there; the beer, the zooms, and the cyclic nature of events that has you questioning what order the scenes should be in. If anything this is one of Director Hong’s more plot-heavy films as a young woman starts a new job at a publishers only to find herself entangled in her new boss’s old workplace affair. Gentle hilarity ensues.

After the screening we were treated to a Q&A, although anyone who has seen enough of Director Hong’s films will know the hatred he has for attending this sort of event and so he sent cinematographer Kim Hyungkoo in his stead. Kim has worked with many Korean greats including Hong Sangoo himself and Joon Ho Bong. He gave entertaining insights into working with Director Hong via LKFF’s resident translator (who team Mild Concern are big fans of) and generally came across as a very laid back master of his craft.

The London Korean Film Festival runs from now until 19th November and will be screening over 60 films with a focus on Korean Noir alongside many other strands. The full schedule is on the festival’s website and includes a masterclass from Kim Hyungkoo at Birkbeck this weekend. This diverse a selection of Korean films is unlikely to be found in UK cinemas outside of the London Korean Film Festival so I really encourage you to seek out a few films and see what Korean cinema has to offer.

For anyone not based in London you need not miss out. The London Korean Film Festival will actually be going on tour and visiting Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, and Belfast. Details are as always on the festival site.