Somewhere – Review

Sofia Coppola is not known for her faced paced thrillers but Somewhere really does take it to a whole new level of tedium. While the relationship between Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning is sweet, subtle and real there is not enough meat on the film for it to be satisfying.

Coppola seems to have lost the plot, or rather simply forgotten to but one in. Her previous works are all slow paced but still do have a journey and are lyrical and beautiful in their telling. Somewhere may be well shot but seems like a mere snapshot of these characters and their story. What was on screen was good, it just needed a little bit more.

Somewhere is on general release on 4th March 2011 and I’d only go and see it if you’re in quite a mellow mood, just not so mellow that you might fall asleep.

Somewhere Coming to London Film Fest

Last night the BFI unveiled a new film for their line-up, Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere. The fact that the film had already been shown at some festivals but wasn’t already in the line-up had me pretty convinced that this would be the surprise film and now I have no idea! Anyone have any clue?

Looks like I’ll be adding another film to my Film Festival schedule.

Somewhere – Trailer

Sweeping by me unnoticed yesterday was the new trailer and poster for Somewhere the latest film from a personal favourite of mine Sofia Coppola. The film stars Stephen Dorff as an actor staying in a hotel forced to examine his life when his daughter, Elle Fanning, come for a surprise visit. The comparisons to Lost in Translation as so easy I won’t bother and it’s amazing Coppola dared to do it. Though, as I’ve said before, comparisons to good things is not necessarily bad.

The trailer below sets the tone of the film and the poster behind the cut, well that just looks nice!

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Twilight Gets Ideas Above Its Angsty Station

Kristen Stewart has confirmed that three Oscar nominated, and in two cases Oscar winning, directors have been approached to helm the final act in The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn.

Gus Van Sant of Milk and Elephant fame is the only director to have confirmed having talks with Summit studios while Lost in Translation‘s Sofia Coppola and Dreamgirls‘ Bill Condon are merely rumoured at this point.

While it is nice to see Summit try to raise to their game for the final two films I would be amazed if they actually managed to get one of these acclaimed directors on board. Also as these are directors known for their signature styles – surely why they were chosen – would the final films look and feel different to their predecessors or would the director be forced to curtail their creative ideas to fit in with the franchise’s style?

Isn’t it a bit late in the game for Twilight to try and make a credible film, the first was an embarrassment. Most importantly if they get a good director am I going to be tempted to actually watch Breaking Dawn?