Out Now – 18th November 2011

Nicholas Cage continues to make terrible films with this action thriller in which his wife, played by the ever-bland January Jones, is captured forcing Cage to employ a vigilante group. Why does Guy Pearce keep making such erratic film choices?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
OMFG, Bella and Edward totally get married at last!!! I was a die-hard Team Jacob fan but at least this leaves him for the rest of us, right girls?! I hear Bella and Edward have mad crazy whoopie and she gets all pregnant with a demon or something. CANNOT WAIT!! Lolz

American Cheerleader Secrets (limited release)
This American sex comedy was released in the US last year but only on DVD so it is bizarre that it is getting a limited release in Apollo cinemas here in the UK. “A pair of horny college guys get summer jobs at a sexy cheerleader camp.” It’s an 18… what more do you need to know?

How to Stop Being a Loser (limited release)
Be careful who you invite to see this with you. Advertised as the British Hitch, a synopsis the trailer fully supports, this comedy features all the people you’ve ever seen on mediocre British TV shows. Man, I hated Hitch.

Magic Trip (limited release)
In 1964 Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster took a road trip across America in a rainbow school bus. Footage shot at the time has now been edited into a documentary. I wish I knew who Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster were without having to Google them.

Snowtown (limited release)
Telling the true story of serial murders in an Australian suburb, Snowtown is grim, disturbing but excellently made. I think it is a brilliant film, but wouldn’t pick it for a fun film on a Friday night.

Special Forces (limited release)
Diane Kruger stars as a French journalist in Afghanistan who is kidnapped by the Taliban.

Welcome to the Rileys (limited release)
As strategic release for this indie film trying to ride on Twilight‘s coattails. When you’re done watching Kristen Stewart marry a vampire why not watch her play a prostitute being saved by James Gandolfini?

Snowtown – Review

In the suburb of Snowtown 16-year old Jamie (Lucas Pittaway) and his brother are molested by their mother’s boyfriend. Once she finds out, a group of local vigilantes lead by John (Daniel Henshall) take the law into their own hands and drive the offender out of town, using a variety of methods including throwing churned up deer guts at his house. Jamie grows ever closer to John, gradually discovering this charismatic man’s violent side is much more brutal than he could have imagined. It is up to Jamie to decide how involved he wants to get in the actions of John and his goons.

Considering the first sentence of this review involved child molestation you can probably tell that Snowtown is not a laugh riot filled with slapstick comedy and sight gags. Instead what we have is a drama with a very natural feel, the mundanity of life is interspersed with extreme violence in such a way that this true story seems all the more real, and the violence within all the more tortuous.

Justin Kurzel has made a beautiful and convincing film, one which does not glamorise the brutality it contains. He also manages to pull out a moving performance from his leading man Lucas Pittaway who had no previous experience in film. Ultimately though the star was Daniel Henshall who brought some genuine charm to a man it would be easy to vilify.

Snowtown was a grim but powerful film. The kitchen sink drama and handheld camera only served to heighten the intense violence. It is slightly too long, but truly affecting. Snowtown fits into the widening category of great films you are never truly going to “enjoy” in the traditional sense. Shame not everyone in the audience felt the same as me, “Thank f*ck, that’s over” could easily be heard from the back row.

Snowtown is on limited release this Friday, 18th November 2011.


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