Scream 4 – Review

I don’t know if this is a nationwide problem, but when two of the group I went to see Scream 4 with ordered their tickets they were instead given tickets to see Hop. This accidental boost to Hop‘s revenue was solely down to the fact that it was showing in Screen 4. Apparently some people watch films based purely on which screen they are on and not the film itself.

The film itself was much better at delivering what we wanted, a slasher that poked fun not only at modern remakes, torture porn and its cast but also at its own overly meta dialogue and the fact that it is the third sequel in a franchise carrying on long after anyone expected. In commenting on the state of horror, Scream 4 is almost as good as the original, explaining the tropes while carrying them out on screen.

Where Scream 4 fails is in being a horror movie itself. When every death is delivered with a huge nod and a wink it’s hard to get truly scared. The film has failed to evolve in the way it delivers scares, relying on the killer either lurking in the shadows or running frantically around a house. The Scream franchise should comment on horror while being horrifying itself but while maintaining the wit of the series they have forgotten to make the audience scared to leave the cinema.

If you want to see a clever film about horror movies starring everyone off of the telly then Scream 4 will not disappoint, but if you want to jump out of your skin you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Out Now – 15th April 2011

A few treats out this week from a silly old bear to a ghost faced killer. Double bill anyone?

Winnie the Pooh
Everyone’s favourite bear, suck it Yogi, returns for a big screen, 2D animated adventure. It looks as though Pooh notices that he’s in a book which is seven shades of exciting. Plus Zooey Deschanel does some songs for the film, including the theme tune: Winnie the Pooh

Red Riding Hood
A classic fairytale retold in Twilight fashion. Expect romance, angst and disembowelling. I spoiled myself and found out who the wolf is, now I don’t need to see the film.

Meta horror returns with everyone off of the telly ready for the chop. Who is the killer? Who can even remember the killers from all three films? A must see.

A Small Act (limited release)
Documentary about a young Kenyan who had his education sponsored by a foreign stranger and grew up to set up his own scholarship program. Expect to be uplifted.

Meek’s Cutoff (limited release)
A PG western starring Michelle Williams and Paul Dano. Very mixed feelings on this one.

Little White Lies (limited release)
Not the fantastically over-designed film magazine that doesn’t resort to endless superhero covers (hi Empire!) but a French film about the relationship between a group of friends after the serious injury of a friend. Lots of acting and emotion… in French!

Cold Weather (limited release)
Two men use their love for detective novels to solve the disappearance of one man’s ex-girlfriend.

Sparrow (limited release)
From IMDb: “A gang of pickpockets roam the streets of Hong Kong.”
From Google: “a minimalist mail application for Mac.”
From Wikipedia: “in the family Passeridae are small passerine birds”

Cooking with Stella (limited release)
Wait… didn’t this come out a month ago?