Iron Man 2 – Review

As it’s a bank holiday all you’re getting is a long overdue review of Iron Man 2. For the short version: It’s not as bad as I had expected after reading other reviews. For the longer version:

Don Cheadle is the New Terrance Howard
Neither Cheadle nor Howard gave particularly stand out performance as Rhodey and the transition of actors was covered in Cheadle’s first bit of dialogue; “Look, it’s me, I’m here. Deal with it. Let’s move on.” The recasting was neither a big improvement or a major failure, just slightly pointless.

Scarlett Johansson is Very Pretty
Another big name that doesn’t make too much of an impact beyond making Gwyneth Paltrow look positively dowdy in comparison.

Sam Rockwell is Awesome
Rockwell continues to show just how versatile he is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him give two similar performances and doubt I ever will… unless he plays the same character twice.

Robert Downey Jr. is Awesome, In a Different Way
Downey Jr. often seems to just be playing himself but in this way makes whatever character he’s playing seem incredibly real. There is something wonderfully naturalistic in the way he delivers dialogue.

It Was More Than a Set-Up for The Avengers
A lot of criticism portrays this film as building up for the big team up rather than being a film in it’s own right. While the Avengers are mentioned it is a minor point and I felt the film had a plot, of arguable quality, of its own.

The Film is Alright
No it isn’t as good as the first but this is the best cast of any super hero film so far and they didn’t cram in too many bad guys. The film was enjoyable and gave me what I expected, even if that was something a little unsatisfying.

Out Now – 30th April 2010

Films are out today. Some are good, some are bad and some you will see regardless.

Iron Man 2
They say it’s not as good as the first and that it can be slow and has too many characters. But does it matter? Everyone will see it and probably enjoy themselves. The less I hear about these after the credit scenes the better though; if it were that good or indeed important to the plot they’d put it in the movie.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed
Gemma Arterton gets kidnapped in a British film with only three actors in it. This looks like it might be OK though I think they’ve ruined it by constantly making a point that it is “twisty” and there is a “plot twist”. You have to assume Arterton’s character is in on it or something. If you’ve missed the word “twist” on the promotional stuff then I have just ruined it for you. Twist.

The Last Song
Miley Cyrus tries to get all serious about acting and will undoubtedly fail. The film is supposed to be terrible and looks set to tug on your heart strings so hard they’ll probably snap rather than get you weeping. Cyrus fans will find it hard to resist though they’d be better off playing the trailer on loop with the soundtrack playing in the background.

There are also a lot of smaller films on limited release that no one has ever heard of including 24 City, A Boy Called Dad, Gentlemen Broncos, Housefull, The Milk of Sorrow, Revanche and Valhalla Rising. If you have heard of these and/or go and see one you get 10 Mild Concern arty cinema points.

We’re Off to See the Wizard Again and Again

When Sherlock Holmes entered the public domain a few years back two different projects were announced and over time the version starring Sacha Baron Cohen has been completely buried by Guy Ritchie’s crack at the famous detective. When it comes to The Wizard of Oz, which came into the public domain in 1956 it is right now that a large number of adaptations are in the works and they don’t seem to bothered by the competition.

Rumours were running wild yesterday about Robert Downey Jr. teaming up with Sam Mendes in a prequel called Oz The Great and Powerful with Downey Jr. as the great wizard himself. Warner Bros. are getting into the Oz game with two different films, the first of which will be a straight forward remake of the classic film called simply Oz. The second film, Wizard of Oz, will be a more modern take as Dorothy’s granddaughter returns to Oz to fight evil. Universal also has a film they want to make; a film version of the hit musical Wicked as loved by theatregoers everywhere.

With all these new films in the works, Tim Burton’s version, Sci-Fi’s woeful Tin Man from 2007 and Over the Rainbow on the BBC Dorothy and her ruby slippers seem to be everywhere. I have no idea why now is the time for Oz to take over the cinema but with so many versions soon to trickling into cinemas at least one of them has to be good.