We (Allegedly) Have A Spiderman!

Seeing as our first ever post was all about the Spiderman reboot it’s only right we cover the potential casting of the ultra-hormonal lead. Ladies and gentlemen we give you Josh Hutcherson in a totally unconfirmed way.

Films he’s been in that I’ve seen include the not as dissapointing as expected Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant and the utterly devastating Bridge to Terabithia. Seriously, watch Terabithia and try not to cry.

He’s not my first choice but then I’m not a major fan of any 17 year old actors so can’t really offer any alternatives. While previously we all knew the reboot would be set during high school it is only now that it hits home just how youth targeted this film could be. Could be. Hutcherson might not even get the part… This isn’t news!

We’re Off to See the Wizard Again and Again

When Sherlock Holmes entered the public domain a few years back two different projects were announced and over time the version starring Sacha Baron Cohen has been completely buried by Guy Ritchie’s crack at the famous detective. When it comes to The Wizard of Oz, which came into the public domain in 1956 it is right now that a large number of adaptations are in the works and they don’t seem to bothered by the competition.

Rumours were running wild yesterday about Robert Downey Jr. teaming up with Sam Mendes in a prequel called Oz The Great and Powerful with Downey Jr. as the great wizard himself. Warner Bros. are getting into the Oz game with two different films, the first of which will be a straight forward remake of the classic film called simply Oz. The second film, Wizard of Oz, will be a more modern take as Dorothy’s granddaughter returns to Oz to fight evil. Universal also has a film they want to make; a film version of the hit musical Wicked as loved by theatregoers everywhere.

With all these new films in the works, Tim Burton’s version, Sci-Fi’s woeful Tin Man from 2007 and Over the Rainbow on the BBC Dorothy and her ruby slippers seem to be everywhere. I have no idea why now is the time for Oz to take over the cinema but with so many versions soon to trickling into cinemas at least one of them has to be good.

Godzilla Returns!

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are to team up and produce a new film starring everyone’s favourite giant mutated reptile Godzilla. These two companies have together made The Hangover, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns and this week’s Clash of the Titans.

They have some pretty good credentials, particularly in big effects laden blockbusters so I am relatively intrigued. What we want is something more akin to Cloverfield than the Matthew Broderick version of Godzilla.

US Spaced Remake Clips Online

Thousands of fanboys and fangirls have been burning out their eyeballs as clips from the failed American remake of British comedy Spaced have finally made their way online. Spaced was a series with a signature style that the US pilot has failed to capture. Watch at your own risk.

The American remake was destined to fail once original creators Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes and Edgar Wright spoke out against the idea and it never went beyond the unaired pilot episode.