[REC] 2 – DVD Trailer

As it’s a slow news day I will take the opportunity to do some plugging. Next week on 20th September [REC] 2, the sequel to a film that made me cry out in fear in a literal and embarrassing way, comes out on DVD.

There’s a little trailer below that I was going to¬†dissect¬†but ended up just freaking myself out. So rather than look at some low resolution stills of gruesome things watch the trailer and get yourself all jumpy.

As the video suggests the DVD and Blu-ray are available on the 20th, and of course if you haven’t seen [REC] you can buy that on DVD and Blu-ray too. Seriously, this is a horror film done right.

This is one bit of promotional material I am fully behind. Don’t bother with Quarantine though.

Out Now – 28th May 2010

Films out on a Friday, whatever next?

The Losers
This years first big film about a team of middle aged men gone rogue. This is not The A-Team or The Expendables but it might as well be.

Oh my word something horrifying is happening so I will catch it on my camera along with everyone else!!

Sex and the City 2
As the cast gets ever older I want to know much less about all the sex they get up to in the city. All I know is a male character is in it despite the actor claiming he wasn’t, the tease!

Space Chimps 2
In the sequel to everyone’s favourite chimp-based space comedy the chimps encounter and abandoned spaceship and get horribly mauled by what they find on board. They later discover the ship is their own but from the future. This may not be entirely accurate.

Tooth Fairy
But Dwayne Johnson is huge, he can’t be a fairy! I have just summarised the point of this film. That said Mr Johnson does amuse me.