Rebecca Sound Board – Hitchcock at the BFI

I am apparently completely powerless when it comes to trying to resist the draw of the Southbank and £5 tickets on a Tuesday to watch classic Hitchcock on one of the best screens in London: NFT1. The BFI’s Genius of Hitchcock season rolls on and last week I treated myself to Rebecca. The psychological noir thriller was Hitchcock’s first Hollywood film and received a total of 11 Oscar nominations.

I could go on about the dramatic acting, heavy-handed exposition, clever camera work, adorable dog, or the lesbian subtext that was so sub it passed me by, but instead I want to focus on how much we laughed. This is a film first released in 1940 and over the years the dialogue has aged somewhat. The characters are wonderfully curt with one another and what may have been seen as romantic 70 years ago comes across as slightly patronising now.

To celebrate the numerous lines we have been quoting since the screening I have put together Mild Concern‘s first sound board. Click on the various quotes below to hear lines of dialogue from Rebecca completely out of context. Rest assured, this is much more amusing for me than it is for you.

[SWF], 500, 746[/SWF]