Psycho Nacirema at Pace London

Psycho Nacirema

Image from Psycho Nacirema © 2013, James Franco, courtesy Pace Gallery

James Franco is not your usual Hollywood actor. Not content with starring in blockbuster films, including Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Franco is also studying for PhD, has taught at four different universities, and took on a recurring role in US soap General Hospital as a form of performance art. At the age of 35 James Franco has an intimidating academic and artistic scope.

For his latest artistic endeavour Franco has teamed up with Scottish artist Douglas Gordon to produce an exhibition inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and the 1920’s Arbuckle scandal entitled Psycho Nacirema and hosted at Pace London. The exhibition features a variety of multi-media installations which combine both the fictional drama and the real life tragedy. Aspects from the film such as the iconic neon sign and that shower scene are recreated and reinterpreted.

“Film is the medium that employs all art forms, but it is contained within the screen. We take this multi-form idea and pull it through the screen, so that the different forms are once again fully dimensional and a new nexus of interaction and significance is created. In this show, we go back to the original locations and images of Psycho and alter them so that once again the viewer’s relationship with the material changes. One becomes an actor when interacting with this work. Film becomes raw material and is sculpted into new work.” – James Franco, May 2013

As a fan of both James Franco and Psycho this exhibition intrigues me no end. Psycho Nacirema runs from 6th July 2013 until 3rd August 2013 and Pace London at 6-10 Lexington Street is open to the public from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 6 PM:

Out Now – 2nd April 2010

We can move on from all the Kick Ass and How to Train Your Dragon release date confusion as today films come out for reals.

Clash of the Titans
All you really need to know has already been said; here is the pro and the con. I’m not seeing it because it’s 3D near me and I’m making a tiny little stand. Titans will clash, enough said.

Remember Me
Wooooo, it’s Edward from Twilight!!1! How dare Claire from Lost be kissing him, he’s Bella’s! This looks bad, saved possibly by the lovely Emilie De Ravin but I’m not going to risk it.

Psycho (limited release)
Psycho is a good film and is being re-released in some cinemas, though lord knows where. If it’s near you go and see it, it genuinely scared the crap out of me when I was far too young to be watching it.

Double Take (limited release)
I don’t remotely understand this film. It involves manipulated clips of Hitchcock along with footage from the era and a Hitchcock double to create a plot about a paranoid history professor. I want to see it just so I can understand it.

Samson & Delilah (limited release)
An Australian film following two young aboriginal teens who steal a car and go on a journey. Interesting.