Prince Charles Cinema All Night Movie Marathon Pyjama Party

On Saturday night The Prince Charles Cinema in London held their first ever pyjama party which involved the screening of 8 sleepover suitable films being screened back to back over 14 hours. After our success with the dual Harry Potter all-nighters I couldn’t resist the challenge and so grabbed my best pyjamas and my best friend Melissa and headed down to Leicester Square.

The event kicked off at 21:30 on Saturday 2nd June 2012 as we settled into The Prince Charles’ soft seats having changed into our PJs. It is important to note that the majority of the sold out crowd had taken the pyjama part of the event very seriously and those wearing actual clothes were in the minority. After a short introduction by a man in a Tigger onesie we were into our first film of the night. Continue reading

Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House 2012 Line-up

It’s that time of year again; the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House line-up has been revealed with the usual mix of classic films, cult hits and UK premieres. There’s no better way to see a film than outside at night as you lie on stone floor with your friends eating a middle-class picnic.

Tickets go on sale this Friday 18th May from the Somerset House website and before you go be sure to read our Somerset House survival guide, do not go unprepared.

On the Road
Thursday 16th August

The Birds
Friday 17th August

Enter the Void / Don’t Think
Saturday 18th August

The Watch
Sunday 19th August

Apocalypse Now
Monday 20th August

Bicycle Thieves
Tuesday 21st August

Paris, Texas
Wednesday 22nd August

Pretty in Pink
Thursday 23rd August

Boogie Nights / Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Friday 24th August

Sexy Beast / Drive
Saturday 25th August

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Sunday 26th August

Monday 27th August

How anyone could resist seeing The Birds on the big screen is beyond me.