Predators – Review

Adrien Brody certainly takes on a good range of films. This year we’ve had a hopeless romantic in Brothers Bloom, a fieldmouse in Fantastic Mr. Fox and are soon to have a mad scientist in Splice. For Predators Brody unveils a new character as he becomes the gravelly voiced and big armed action hero. And he pulls it off too!

Without Brody Predators would just be a bad action/sci-fi/thriller but he manages to bring it up to a mediocre action/sci-fi/thriller. As a result the film was pretty enjoyable though did had surprisingly long sections where nothing particularly happened, I suppose these were to create “tension” but it didn’t really work.

None of the characters were particularly memorable and they were all completely unlikable. Topher Grace in particular managed to come across as a creep as he pretty much reprised his character from Spiderman 3. Grace’s best performance on the big screen remains in his small part in Valentines Day.

Having not seen any other films in this franchise (I know, I know) I can’t really compare it to the other but from the sounds of the first this contains slightly more of the actual Predators while retaining the jungle setting.

One thing I’ll say for the film is it doesn’t beat around the bush at the start… well technically the characters do… anyway the action starts right off with everyone falling from the sky.

In summary, it wasn’t very good but wasn’t painful to watch.

Out Now – 8th July 2010

A film out on a Thursday!? What can it mean? Running from Twilight perhaps?

Uh-oh them predators are back! Here is an action film whose two biggest names, besides Lawrence Fishburne, are two of Hollywood’s scrawniest stars; Topher Grace and Adrian Brody. I’m sure they did a few sit-ups to prepare but this is not the cast I’d have expected to appear here, and maybe that’s a good thing. Reviews are mostly favourable and if someone asked me to go I don’t think I’d turn them down. Possibly as good as the bigger action films will get this summer.

Tomorrow has only one film on general release… and it has fangs.