Posters – Action Doctor and More…

It’s Friday and the weekend has begun so I’m sending out a little treat. Five new posters have been unveiled for Lucas Lee’s next five films and they look awesome. As we have come to expect Lee is in a film to suit everyone, romantic dramas to thrillers. And check out these tag lines… Continue reading

Pretty Potter Wallpaper

You’ve seen the gorgeous poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows right? If not I’ll pop it an the end behind a cut for anyone living under a rock without internet connection. Or I suppose anywhere without an internet connection… though how will you be reading this?

Regardless there is now a big and beautiful wallpaper so the poster can fill your whole screen without any of the pesky writing. Enjoy Potter fans, whatever you’re called. Download it by clicking on the thumbnail.

And now the poster for any rock-dwellers:

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Somewhere – Trailer

Sweeping by me unnoticed yesterday was the new trailer and poster for Somewhere the latest film from a personal favourite of mine Sofia Coppola. The film stars Stephen Dorff as an actor staying in a hotel forced to examine his life when his daughter, Elle Fanning, come for a surprise visit. The comparisons to Lost in Translation as so easy I won’t bother and it’s amazing Coppola dared to do it. Though, as I’ve said before, comparisons to good things is not necessarily bad.

The trailer below sets the tone of the film and the poster behind the cut, well that just looks nice!

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Let’s Talk About The Eclipse Poster

Since its debut yesterday the new poster for The Twilight Sage: Eclipse has been treated with excitement and disgust in equal measure.
Some say it perfectly conveys the theme of Bella being torn between her two loves, others say it is boring and shoddily put together. I am not surprisingly in the latter group. Clearly Twilight is relying wholly on being so well known already that all that’s needed to plug the film are the actors and the title. They may be right but it’s all a bit lazy.

It’s this sheer lack of effort and imagination in both the promotion and the films themselves that makes me think Twilight is getting ahead of itself by wooing acclaimed directors.

As for the horrible photo-shopping on Kristen Stewart’s face, well that is hardly exclusive to this franchise. The art of poster design is still alive but harder and harder to find. It seems it would be much simpler to actually take photographs of the actors in certain poses rather than paste their faces in later.

You can see the full horror of Stewart’s egg shaped face below. A horror I cropped out in this entry’s header.

First Official Scott Pilgrim Poster (Again)

Because you haven’t heard this enough today. The first(ish) official poster for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was found today at ShoWest. It successfully conveys the fact that Scott Pilgrim plays guitar and provides the first tag line which I am unsure about. The image can be seen by clicking “read more” and a high res version and wallpapers can be found at

With so much excitement following the first two stills and now a poster, imagine the madness when an actual trailer appears.