Out Now – 19th September 2012

Now Is Good
Tessa (Dakota Fanning) has a posh English accent and leukemia, so naturally has written up a list of things she wants to do before she dies. Are we surprised that this prominently features breaking the law, taking drugs and losing her virginity to hunky yet wholesome neighbour Adam? Are we equally surprised that the BBFC warns that the film contains drug use, sex references and references to illness? (Also, two clear uses of strong language and the odd “wanker” and “knob”.)

Click through for video clips of teenagers engaging in illegal activities.

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Now is Good – Trailer

In no way am I posting this trailer simply because I have failed to watch and review Trishna every night this week so far. Not in the slightest.

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/Now_is_Good_Trailer.flv /]

Now is Good stars Dakota Fanning as Tessa, a teenager diagnosed with leukaemia who is determined to make the most of her remaining life by compiling a list of experiences she doesn’t want to miss out on. This is a film about grief, fear, seizing the day, and falling in love with your attractive neighbour Adam.

If this sounds familiar you’re probably thinking of the Gus Van Sant film from last year called Restless. This starred Mia Wasikowska as a terminally ill girl who falls in love with a nice young man. The main difference appears to be that Now is Good will be 50% less irritating due to its lack of silly hats, Japanese kamikaze pilot ghosts, and young people gate crashing funerals.

Now is Good is also British (hurrah), written by Ol Parker (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel writer), and stars Paddy Considine (brilliant), Olivia Williams (amazing) and Kaya Scodelario (hot*). Bring it on.

Now is Good will arrive in UK cinemas on 25th May.

*Sorry Kat/women everywhere