The Apostate – LFF Review

The Aposate

Gonzalo (Álvaro Ogalla) has decided that he wants to officially leave the Catholic church having been baptised against his will as a child. His life as a whole is not in great shape as he lusts after his cousin and tutors his attractive neighbour’s son. In short Gonzalo is having an existential crisis, one that involves us frequently having to see his penis.

Co-written by Ogalla and three other writers The Apostate is most definitely a film. It looks like a film, it sounds like a film, and it runs to a full feature-length. Despite all this I found The Apostate completely impenetrable. I can’t even explain to you in any satisfying way just why I struggled so much with this film.

The Aposate 2

For whatever reason I simply never settled in and was instead left shuffling in my seat throughout both literally and figuratively. I found myself only interested in Gonzalo’s battle with the church but this quickly took a back seat to various other dramas in his life and a dream sequence or two that gave me no further insight or enjoyment.

The Apostate is probably not a bad film. It just 100% is not for me. I am happy to take the blame; maybe I was too tired, ill, or not paying enough attention. Whatever the reason I found myself sat watching The Apostate and feeling thoroughly bored.