Piranha 3D Strikes Back at James Cameron

Now I like a good bit of arty cinema from time to time and can often be heard bemoaning the amount of crap we are made to suffer through in cinemas, but I do value enjoyability quite highly. This is the reason that James Cameron’s comments earlier this week got to me so much. I don’t like self-important people insulting other, less successful, people’s work for no reason other to boost their own ego.

James Cameron had a good bit of a poke at Piranha 3D for cheapening 3D and turning it into a gimmick. Now one of the producers of this year’s greatest creature feature, Mark Canton, has retaliated in an articulate, brilliant and brutal fashion. One of my highlights is him drawing to attention the fact that Cameron was fired from directing Piranha 2.

I urge you to go to Movieline and read his full statement as it is glorious. If you’re too lazy then I’ve pasted it below. But don’t be lazy and do read the whole thing.

In fact I’ve just re-read the statement and I think it truly has something important to say beyond just the fact that Avatar isn’t the best thing since Citizen Kane. Mark Canton is my new hero.
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