Four Stories Short Film Competition

We have yet another competition to bring to the attention of budding screenwriters. Roman Coppola (brother of Sofia, son of Francis Ford, cousin of Jason Schwartzman and Nicolas Cage, and writer/director in his own right) is teaming up with W Hotels and Intel to produce a series of four short films.

One of the four short films will be written by Roman Coppola and one of the remaining three could be written by you, this will require some effort of your part though. All you need to do is write a ten minute short film set in a W Hotel and featuring an Intel Ultrabook as a key character. If this feels too much like selling out to you then sorry, welcome to Hollywood. Judges include indie superstars Chloe Sevigny and Michael Pitt so write as if writing to impress that achingly cool girl/guy you fancy.

Scripts must be submitted online by 30th August (that’s this Thursday so get writing) and more information can be found by clicking here or watching the video below:

For anyone needing more inspiration below I have embedded Hotel Chevalier. It’s a short film set in a hotel which accompanied the Roman Coppola co-written The Darjeeling Limited. Just imagine Jason Schwartzman having angry sex with Natalie Portman over Skype rather than face-to-face and you’ve got your script written.