Out Now – 16th November 2012

Twilight family

For some strange reason, there aren’t many films going out on general release this week. If you don’t want to see the sparkly bloodsuckers, you’re most likely going to have to commit to subtitles or a music documentary.

UPDATE: I completely forgot that critically acclaimed Paul Thomas Anderson film The Master gets its nationwide screenings today as well. This is what happens when distributors confuse me with staggered release dates.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
And finally, we are done! Bella and Edward are safely married and have had their possibly vampiric baby, which means further sexiness is now permissible. I assume that if you’ve stuck with the previous four films, you’ll probably want to round them off with this one. If not, just carry on – nothing to see here.

Shirley, mother of five daughters all convinced they have mental illnesses, cracks herself and is sent to an asylum. In a fit of brilliant parenting, her husband employs a terrifying hitch-hiker (played by Toni Collette) as their new nanny.

Son of Sardar (limited release)
Bollywood action film about a family feud, including brothers who’ve sworn off ice-cream and cold drinks until they avenge their father’s death.

Amour (limited release)
Retired music teacher grandparents, Georges and Anne, have their elderly love tested when Anne suffers a stroke. Probably not a first date movie.

Happy Happy (limited release)
Kaja is happy despite a disinterested husband, at least until the perfect couple moves in next door. Uh oh!

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (limited release)
Documentary about Jason Becker. Who’s not dead yet. However, he does have the paralysing Lou Gehrig’s disease yet still manages to make music with his eyes. Yes, yes, very impressive, although is it really as much of a show of fortitude as me typing this post after burning my hand on my mushroom soup yesterday? It is? And I’m trivialising such achievement with my flippant remarks? Ah. Sorry about that.

Hit So Hard (limited release)
Speaking of trivialising musical achievements, another documentary but this time following Patty Schemel, who drummed with Hole, and her struggles with fame and addiction. Apparently she walks dogs now.

The Pool (limited release)
In Goa, a boy living in poverty becomes obsessed with a private swimming pool and the family who own it.

Up There (limited release)
Martin is fed up with his job welcoming the newly deceased into the afterlife, until he loses someone. So instead of going “up there” he has to come “down here” to track them down.