Spider-Man, With This Casting You’re Really Spoiling Us

Felicity JonesPaul Giamatti

Mild Concern was founded because on the 11th January 2010 I felt the need to say 73 words about the fact that Spider-Man was being rebooted. Since then the film gained the director of (500) Days of Summer (one of the films I most often force other people to watch) Marc Webb and the sexy young acting talents of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. The resulting film was… well… better than its predecessor and certainly seemed to be setting up for something we haven’t seen before. Admittedly I watched half of the film on a pirated DVD bought from a Turkish market which stopped playing halfway through so perhaps I am not the best judge.

All this aside there are new rumours that joining Amazing Spider-Man 2 are character actor extraordinaire Paul Giamatti and the one and only Felicity Jones – a woman for whom this blog acts as a temple as we wait patiently for her to make a five-star film. Giamatti is said to be playing The Rhino, not just any old rhino, while Jones has no confirmed role beyond attractive young lady who will win an Oscar one day even if I have to make her one myself.

This is exciting news if true and will mean that I will actually go and see Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the cinema and not be a Korsan Kaan which is what I have translated as the Turkish version of a Knock-off Nigel. You’re welcome Turkish Anti-Piracy Committee.

Hutcherson Can’t Do Anything a Spider Can

It seems we and the rest of the internet got a bit ahead of ourselves when declaring Josh Hutcherson as the new Spiderman, because he isn’t. Phew.

Instead we have the 27 year old Andrew Garfield who can actually act. Hurray! You may remember him from two bad episodes of Doctor Who set in New York and in Red Riding where everyone was a proper good actor.

I have regained my confidence in Marc Webb and am a bit excited about the film. It’s amazing how different the casting of two people I don’t really remember can have on me but I’m pretty sure this is a better choice.

Cameron Tangles with Spiderman’s Webb

Two days ago MTV reported that James Cameron had met with Marc Webb to discuss the 3D possibilities for the new Spiderman reboot. I was going to let it slide but considering Mild Concern’s coverage of both the new Spiderman and James Cameron, and a nudge from @dtdwhedon, it had to get a mention.

Obviously Webb is taking on a big project for his second feature, has never dealt with 3D technology before and Cameron is the current expert in the field. For these reasons it makes sense for them to meet and discuss it, I only hope that their discussion goes no further than the technicalities.

Webb has so far shown himself to be a dab hand at dealing with realistic characters, leading with story over flashy visuals, and the more this translates into his next feature the better. I only hope Cameron doesn’t rub off on him too much; I don’t want to see photos of Webb posing with a camera in the next few years.

Also, when are we going to meet our new Peter Parker?

Webb for Spiderman

As I had hoped Marc Webb, director of (500) Days of Summer, has been confirmed as the director of the High School set Spiderman reboot. Rumour has it he will be making a whole new trilogy, we’ll see if he makes all three or if this is another Superman Returns.

This is exactly the news I needed to get behind the Spiderman reboot, and look forward to all the potential puns. Now we wait to see who will be the new Spiderman…