Out Now – 24th August 2012

Keith Lemon: The Film
It’s hard to describe Keith Lemon. He is a character created by Leigh Francis of Avid Merrion and Bo’ Selecta! fame who is brash, sexist, and makes me laugh more than he should. Essentially Keith Lemon is the personification of ITV2 which makes this film ITV2: The Film. What a horrible thought.

Shadow Dancer (limited release)
The completely wonderful but frequently appearing in awful films Andrea Riseborough takes the lead as an IRA member turned informer in this period thriller opposite Clive Owen and Gillian Anderson. Meaty stuff.

The Imposter (limited release)
Superb documentary about a Frenchman who impersonated a missing Texan teen. It will grip and bewilder you. Entertaining but never exploitative. I absolutely loved it.

F for Fake (limited release)
Orson Welles’ final film gets a cinematic re-release. Ostensibly a documentary about fraud the film itself may well be one big ruse. Go and have a gander and then read the internet’s theories.

Circumstance (limited release)
Iranian drama about two teenage girls and their growing sexual rebellion. Can their love survive their Circumstance? Will sexy-Iranian-films become the new sexy-French-films? Do subtitles automatically make a sexy film that bit classier? Is it a little reductive to call any film featuring any form of sexuality a “sexy film”?*

Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (Prince Charles Cinema only)
If you are like me and unfamiliar with the work of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim then the trailer for Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie will fill you with fear and confusion. If you are like me and find Jeff Goldblum an instant draw then you will be moderately intrigued to hear he is in this film playing “Chef Goldblum”. If you are like me and called Tim then you will simply be amused to see your name on a film poster. You simpleton.

*Maybe. Probably not. Clearly. Sorry, yes.