Out Now – 20th April 2012

There are a grand total of eighteen films out today so I have limited myself to trying to summarise each in exactly ten words*. Wish me luck.

Amanda Seyfried faces former kidnapper/serial killer after sister’s disappearance.

Riot in space prison, President’s daughter taken hostage. Guy Pearce!?

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Romantic comedy drama genuinely involving salmon fishing in the Yemen.

Transit (limited release)
Family bond while on the run from violent bank robbers.

Town of Runners (limited release)
Documentary following young runners in Ethiopian rural town of Bekoji.

Beauty (Skoonheid) (limited release)
Apathetic man has his life unravelled by unexpected sexual awakening.

Grave Encounters (limited release)
Found footage horror featuring reality TV show gone supernaturally wrong.

Elles** (limited release)
Prostitution funds student’s studies. Take the escort in your life.

Breathing (limited release)
Teen leaves prison and battles with guilt in Austrian drama.

Marley (limited release)
People talk about Bob Marley. Musician, activist and womaniser. Legend.

Vicky Donor*** (limited release)
Bollywood film about sperm donation. Stranger things have happened, allegedly.

The Bad and the Beautiful (limited release)
Re-release of early Hollywood film about early Hollywood. How meta.

Fury (limited release)
Avengers‘ Nick Fury stars in Fury not as Nick Fury.

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy (limited release)
Dark romantic comedy from Canada with drug smuggler as lead.

Oliver Sherman (limited release)
Unstable veteran invades the life of man who saved his.

Elfie Hopkins (limited release)
Double Winstone starring horror. Teen detective investigates mysterious new neighbours.

The Divide (limited release)
Nuclear attack! Survivors in basement fight amongst themselves. Typical humans.

Hollywoo**** (Cine Lumiere only)
French dubbing actress convinces American actress not to quit show.

*I cheated using asterisks.
**Sexy French film of the week.
***Only included to make the list of films seem even more ridiculously long.
****Ten words was not enough to explain this one properly