Pretty Potter Wallpaper

You’ve seen the gorgeous poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows right? If not I’ll pop it an the end behind a cut for anyone living under a rock without internet connection. Or I suppose anywhere without an internet connection… though how will you be reading this?

Regardless there is now a big and beautiful wallpaper so the poster can fill your whole screen without any of the pesky writing. Enjoy Potter fans, whatever you’re called. Download it by clicking on the thumbnail.

And now the poster for any rock-dwellers:

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MTV Awards Debut Potter and Pilgrim Clips

Last night the MTV Movie Awards brought us two exclusive clips, one for Scott Pilgrim and another for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

First of all, Scott Pilgrim…

The clip is funny and I think shows that the comic style writing that appears onscreen won’t be overpowering, one of my major concerns. I’d now like them to stop releasing clips or I’ll have seen the entire film before it’s release.

Now for some Potter

As the previous film in the series was actually quite good I’m going to go ahead and look forward to the final two-parter. Lots of running around outside if the trailer and on-set photos are to be believed.

As for the awards themeselves? Well, Twilight won Best Movie so let’s leave it there.