Out Now – 3rd October 2014

Gone Girl

If you are 18+ then obviously you will be seeing Gone Girl this weekend but there are some alternatives…

Soul Boys Of The Western World
A documentary about Spandau Ballett should that be something you felt was currently missing from your life.

Life After Beth
Beth dies! Beth comes back to life! Romantic zombie comedy (yes, another one) starring Aubrey Plaza as the undead Beth. Reviews are mixed so be warned.

Dracula Untold
Some film about Dracula. The “untold” part simply refers to the fact that this precise film has never been made before. Like all films. This is like adding “The Movie” to the end of your title. (Or ICYMI to the start of your tweet. Bastards.)

Gone Girl
This is a good film. You will like this film. I loved this film. Expect sex, violence, and all manner of tense moments. GOOD STUFF.

Dolphin Tale 2
I feel sorry for parents this weekend as office conversations on Monday morning will come to a halt when their response to “did you see Gone Girl this weekend?” is “no, but we did catch Dolphin Tale 2”.

Draft Day
I have no idea. it has something to do with the NFL which is a blissful mystery to me.

Bang Bang
Hindi action adventure comedy with a title that tells you so little and so much at the same time.

Hindi drama in which some really dramatic stuff happens. Definitely a more stoic film that the previous.

Still the Enemy Within
Documentary about the miners’ strike as told by the miners. No mention of Bill Nighy or LGBT.

Withnail & I
If you’ve seen it and like it then why not see it on the big screen? If you’ve not seen it then why not see it on the big screen? If you’ve seen it and dislike it then why not see Gone Girl on the big screen?

Tony Benn: Will and Testament
I’ve been sent an above average number of emails about this documentary exploring the life of Labour MP Tony Benn but I have nervously ignored them because I am completely oblivious to the man in question. The only solution to this would be to watch a documentary about him but as mentioned I feel too uninformed to watch it. It is a vicious cycle of ignorance.

Biopic of French author Violette Leduc. May contain scenes of French.

You and the Night
“Around midnight, a young couple and their transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen.” Just when you thought this list was flagging I pulled you back in! You perv.

“After losing their baby, Grant and Christine visit a friend in his isolated and idyllic seaside house. Over a long weekend, secrets are revealed and the life of the dead child is lived out in a series of fantastical dreams.” I am flagging.

The Great Train Robbery – A Tale Of Two Thieves

Gone Girl – Film Review

Gone Girl

I’m not* going to attempt a full review of Gone Girl because I feel like there is so much loud praise for the film it really doesn’t need my feeble voice added to the mix. Having been to see it earlier this week however I can’t just say nothing. I am a blogger and so I must blog. For those unaware Gone Girl is the story of Nick and Amy Dunne (Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike) a couple in an imperfect marriage. The film begins as Amy goes missing and Nick finds himself in a media whirlwind as suspicions run rampant. Did Nick murder his wife?

As someone who has read Gillian Flynn’s original novel I came to the film with certain expectations. My brain had already done its own casting, built all the sets, and written the score. I was also already aware of the satisfying reveal that comes neatly at the centre of both novel and film providing a perspective shift and keeping the questions running through your mind from getting too repetitive.

Luckily David Fincher must have peered into my mind as a lot of what I saw on-screen matched my imagination. As a result I wasn’t wasting any time mentally complaining about the layout of a house or colour of someone’s shirt. I had been slightly worried about the casting of Neil Patrick Harris as Amy’s obsessive ex Desi Collings but I was proved wrong as Harris gave the perfect performance as a pathetic but controlling man. Similarly Affleck and Pike fit their roles to a tee; neither being wholly likeable or trustworthy but both proving enigmatic despite their failure to generate sympathy. Trying to read the machinations behind their eyes is a game you are unlikely to win.

Gone Girl - Rosamund Pike

My only disappointment with Gone Girl is that I could not watch the film from a completely uninformed point of view and experience each twist and turn with fresh eyes. Regardless of this Gone Girl was a gripping thriller that had me second guessing myself to the end. It may not be Fincher’s finest but is certainly in the better half of his body of work. Gillian Flynn has made good work of adapting her own book; her faithful approach to the text will satisfy diehard fans fearing Hollywood sabotage and cinephiles shouldn’t detect any first-time screenwriter foibles.

Fans of the book will love Gone Girl. Fans of Fincher will too. It’s rare to get a proper 18 certificate film these days and Gone Girl certainly doesn’t shy away from showing you the seedier elements of the story. Dark, tense, and deeply engrossing you will find it hard to tear your eyes away from the screen but at times might need to look away for some relief.

See this as soon as possible or risk having a carefully plotted, if slightly implausible, film spoiled for you.

Gone Girl is in UK cinemas from today.

*Or at least I wasn’t planning to