Out Now – 14th June 2013

Superman in February

Man of Steel
Zack Snyder has a varied collection of films in his past but it can never be denied that he approaches each film with a unique approach and uncompromising vision. Today we get his vision of Superman and he’s taken Kal-El in a decidedly gritty direction.

Summer in February
English period drama in which Dan Stevens, he of golden locks and steely blue eyes from Downton, and Dominic Cooper, he of… Mamma Mia, vie for the affections of Emily Browning, she of “brave” nudity in Sleeping Beauty.

Stuck in Love
This is a comedy drama about an author and his family as they have various romantic plots over the course of a year. The synopsis ends with the line “There are no rewrites in life, only second chances.” Cringe.

Tina Fey is an admissions officer who has trouble letting anyone in. DEEP! Also the son she secretly put up for adoption applies to her college and she falls in love with Paul Rudd. The acoustic guitar playing throughout the trailer tells me this will be a heart-warming comedy.

Much Ado About Nothing (limited release)
Joss Whedon takes a break from all that assembling of Avengers and makes the low budget black and white Shakespeare film we know he’s always wanted to. With his own home as the set and his bezzie mates as the cast this is Whedon’s most personal work to date.

Paradise: Love (limited release)
A 50-year-old Austrian mother goes looking for love amongst the beach boys of Kenya who sell their bodies for money. The first part of a trilogy of Paradise films.

Fukrey (limited release)
Punjabi version of the typical teen comedy.