Out Now – 26th February 2010

It’s Friday! Which means new films in the cinema for us to go and see, let’s have a look at what’s on…

The Crazies

This week’s blind favourite. The Crazies looks like an awesome horror about a small town in which people are driven crazy by contaminated water. As the army start to kill the infected a band of survivors have to try to make it out of town before they are killed by either their former neighbours or the rampaging soldiers. It just seems like a fun film to me. Probably not for the whole family though, unless you enjoy your children wetting the bed that is.

Everybody’s Fine

Apparently much better than the poster makes it seem though it has mixed reviews. Robert De Niro plays a widower who travels to visit, and reconnect with, his grown-up children. Sounds like Broken Flowers with ex-girlfriends swapped for offspring and no Bill Murray. Sam Rockwell is in it, it must be good.

Extraordinary Measures

I have seen the TV spot for this enough times to truly hate it already. Brendan Fraser plays the father of two terminally ill children trying to raise money so Harrison Ford’s scientist can research their cure. With pretty bad reviews and a trailer that inspires no confidence I’d give it a miss. Expect emotions!

From Paris With Love

This has gone completely below my radar but is apparently about an employee of the US ambassador teaming up with a spy to stop a terrorist attack in Paris. The poster seems to show a very bored Jonathan Rhys Myers and John Travolta firing weapons from a car. The reviews are bad and single out Travolta’s over-the-top performance as a highlight. Need you know more?

Leap Year

Another to steer clear of as Amy Adams continues to undermine her career as a woman travelling through Ireland to find and propose to her boyfriend. Matthew Goode plays the man she meets along the way that she almost definitely chooses over her beau. Two things make it almost worth watching; John Lithgow and one of the least convincing green-screened backgrounds for a car journey you’re likely to see this year. Even Goode doesn’t like the film.


Apparently they really think you’ll like Micmacs as preview screening code have been coming out of our twitter account‘s ears. It comes from the director of Amelie and tells the tale of a group of friends with a plan to destroy two major weapons manufacturers. Though it may not seem like it this is a comedy, a satire to be precise, and with Jean-Pierre Jeunet it is likely to be filled with charm and oddities. Not one to see if you can’t read or speak french.

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