Ramsay Street to Prime Time, Neighbours Stars in American TV

With my favourite former Neighbours star set to debut her new American series on BBC2 tonight I have decided to look back at the actors who have escaped from the show my sister used to make me watch, and are now regulars on American TV. These are the success stories.

Margot Robbie
Where did you come from?
Back on Ramsay Street Robbie played Donna Freedman, notable for wearing dungarees, hiding the departure of her father, being Ringo’s girlfriend and kissing Sunny, the least convincing exchange student ever. After a rocky start in the fashion industry Donna eventually left to study in New York.
Where did you go?
In one of the biggest hits of the new US TV season Robbie stars alongside Christina Ricci in Pan Am. Following the exploits of a group of air stewardesses, Robbie’s character Laura is on the run from her mundane life and is on a search for adventures in the sky and across the globe in the 60s. Pan Am premieres on BBC2 tonight (16th Nov) at 9pm.

Jesse Spencer
Where did you come from?
Spencer started his career in Neighbours as Billy Kennedy, son of soap royalty Karl and Susan. After five years of adventures including a kissing contest and carpentry, Spencer got bored and left the show, only to return once for a cameo in 2005.
Where did you go?
Now Spencer co-stars in one of TV’s most popular dramas as Dr. Robert Chase in House. Starring alongside fellow import Hugh Laurie, Spencer has solved many a medical mystery, gained and lost a fiancĂ©e, and left and rejoined the team at least once. House currently airs on Sky1.
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Sky Atlantic Launches – Tonight

Tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for… so it can be over and better shows can be launched. Sky Atlantic, the new Channel from Sky, launches tonight with Boardwalk Empire leading the pack. It’s fair to say we weren’t blown away by Buscemi knocking about in the prohibition era but let’s take a look at a hastily pasted in list of shows that will be on the channel:

Big Love
Blue Bloods
Boardwalk Empire
Bored To Death
Curb Your Enthusiasm
How to Make it in America
Mad Men
Six Feet Under
The Sopranos

Among that list are four great dramas, four original comedies, one OK drama and three shows I haven’t seen. That is pretty good going and with access to more quality American dramas sure Sky Atlantic beats watching Bid TV.

If however you don’t have Sky, it’s back to buying boxsets or searching for torrents.