We Bought a Zoo – Trailer and Pics

In April last year we were wondering what had happened to Cameron Crowe after his latest film Elizabethtown had a less than successful release. One month later we discovered he was planning on writing and directing We Built a Zoo and now a year and a bit later it has a new name (removing the possibility of a building montage) and we have a trailer:


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Well, it certainly looks like a heart-warming family film. Nice to see a film with animals in a zoo that don’t talk, we’ll just have to guess which is the sassy one.

Now if you fancy a lingering look at Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and some animals we’ve got you covered with some stills from the film. There’s even a few pictures of Crowe himself, proof he still exists:

Somewhere – Review

Sofia Coppola is not known for her faced paced thrillers but Somewhere really does take it to a whole new level of tedium. While the relationship between Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning is sweet, subtle and real there is not enough meat on the film for it to be satisfying.

Coppola seems to have lost the plot, or rather simply forgotten to but one in. Her previous works are all slow paced but still do have a journey and are lyrical and beautiful in their telling. Somewhere may be well shot but seems like a mere snapshot of these characters and their story. What was on screen was good, it just needed a little bit more.

Somewhere is on general release on 4th March 2011 and I’d only go and see it if you’re in quite a mellow mood, just not so mellow that you might fall asleep.

Somewhere – Trailer

Sweeping by me unnoticed yesterday was the new trailer and poster for Somewhere the latest film from a personal favourite of mine Sofia Coppola. The film stars Stephen Dorff as an actor staying in a hotel forced to examine his life when his daughter, Elle Fanning, come for a surprise visit. The comparisons to Lost in Translation as so easy I won’t bother and it’s amazing Coppola dared to do it. Though, as I’ve said before, comparisons to good things is not necessarily bad.

The trailer below sets the tone of the film and the poster behind the cut, well that just looks nice!

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