Source Code – DVD Review

I stand by our original review of Source Code; it is a thoughtful piece of sci-fi with a great idea at its core and a thought-provoking ending. What lets it down is that the perfect ending is about 10 minutes before the end credits and that the film gets a little lost in the middle as it focuses more on action than the big idea at play.

Great performances all round, and a very sympathetic running time, help to keep Source Code an enjoyable, tight thriller with as much brains as brawn driving the story forward.

The major bulk of the extras take the form of talking heads mixed with some behind the scenes footage. As usual the heads mostly talk about how great everyone was, though a few interesting titbits do slip through. It’s clear that plenty of behind the scenes footage was shot, so it’s a shame there’s no in-depth documentary, the sort I relish beyond all reason.

A nice addition is a set of beautifully animated short pieces called Expert Intel which briefly explain the science behind the plot to Source Code. You have to admire any DVD extra which briefly delves into trying to explain quantum mechanics to a mass audience.

Also available are an audio commentary with Jake Gyllenhaal, Duncan Jones and writer Ben Ripley and two different trivia tracks which can be switched on to enjoy alongside the movie. I had neither the time nor the inclination to watch the film three more times to sufficiently test these features.

Source Code is a fun film and with its agreeable running time is a DVD you might actually get round to watching more than once. To finish, some talking heads:

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Source Code is out on DVD and Blu-ray today and you could do a lot worse.

Source Code – Review

In the first half of Source Code there is little more than an average Sci-Fi, as Jake Gyllenhaal’s soldier Colter Stevens is repeatedly sent back into the “memory” of a man who died in a train explosion. Stevens task is to find the bomb and identify the bomber before he releases a dirty bomb in Chicago. What lets down this side of the story is just how easy the task is, it only takes a handful of trips back to the train for Stephens to succeed and Stephens still finds plenty of time to fall in love and investigate his own situation.

The real idea at the centre of Source Code is not the bomb on the train but the soldier performing the investigation. Exactly how Stevens is able to enter the memory of a dead man, and experience locations and people the man did not himself experience, is where the real intrigue of the film lies. Here we have a bit of a philosophical quandry, not just explosions and running around with guns.

Sadly the intriguing section of the film is left to the end and the more by the numbers “stop the terrorist” plot dominates. A few more trips into the source code would have been nice, even if truncated to a few key moments which could have highlighted a little more the difficulty of the task at hand.

While not exactly as big a statement as Moon for Duncan Jones, Source Code still gives you something to think about and doesn’t overstay its welcome. Jeffrey Wright and Vera Farmiga give excellent support, portraying two people trying to do the right thing, with potentially different motivations. Michelle Monaghan is pretty but doesn’t have much else to do really.

See Source Code for a short bit of Sci-Fi with a real idea at its core, even if it does get a bit lost in trying to distract you with guns and finger pointing along the way.

Casting Couch #1

Welcome to the casting couch, have a seat. Don’t mind that, just move it to one side and pretend it wasn’t there. Now what part was it you wanted? Your hair looks nice.

Emma Stone/Mia Wasikowska for Spiderman
The Spiderman reboot has been getting more and more exciting with Marc Webb and then Andrew Garfield becoming attached. Now we might get Mia Wasikowska or even better Emma Stone as the female lead. This must happen.

Chloe Moretz is Emily the Strange
I’ve never read the comic Emily the Strange but this is Chloe Moretz we’re talking about. Of course it’s exciting.

Christopher Nolan has Shortlist of Directors for Superman
Since Nolan was given the power to guide Superman back to movie glory we haven’t heard much until now. Rumour has it he has a shortlist of five directors to helm the franchise. They are Zack Snyder, Duncan Jones, Matt Reeves, Tony Scott and Jonathan Liebesman. Any of the first three please!

In other news: There may well be a new 3D version of Day of the Triffids in the works. Can’t be any worse than the BBC’s attempt, apart from Izzard’s bits that is. He was great.